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Looking to move in or out of Los Angeles? Sweet!

Little Rocky at Randy's Donut's in Los Angeles: Photo by Flickr user- Changes In LongitudeJust like with sweet treats, our Los Angeles movers have a whole galaxy of choices for you: everything from having us do all the packing, unpacking and moving for you to you doing the packing and unpacking yourself and having us do the rest. Our Los Angeles movers have all the eco-friendly supplies under the stars to protect your belongings. We’ve also got plenty of moving and packing tips to keep you in the right orbit. And we have a universe of luxury packages designed to cater to your needs, from home organization to pet care to vehicle care. Our packing and unpacking service is pretty sweet, too. Whether you’re a pampered pastry or a do it yourself donut, our Los Angeles movers are determined to provide you five star service. Mmm, pastry donuts.

Just take the 405 to the 101 to the 134 to the 5 to the 110.

I-5 on ramp: Photo by Flickr user-  sfxericAnd don’t forget the 170, 210, the 10… No matter where you are or where you’re going, our Los Angeles movers make sure the stars align for your move. We know our way around the block for local moves around L.A., long distance moves that cross state lines, intrastate moves inside California that travel over 100 miles, and international moves. We’re bummed we are unable to move you locally within a state that isn’t California, but we can still offer you some tips on how to choose a mover. Wherever our Los Angeles movers take you, we’ll keep your move sweet and avoid all exits for the highway to hell.

Our Los Angeles movers treat your belongings like works of art.

Elisabeth Frink's Running Man and Horse at the Getty Sculpture Garden: Photo by Flickr user-  DoNotLickFrom your kids first clay handprints to your mother’s wedding dress, our Los Angeles movers will treat your precious belongings with the loving care they deserve. One of our favorite places, that also just happens to be a client of our Los Angeles movers, is the Getty Center. The Getty is home to some of the most important things in the world—just like your house. But, the Getty isn’t our only client who feels like we’ve treated their belongings with precious care. Our client reviews are full of people happy that our Los Angeles movers understand exactly how sweet their memories are. 

Did someone say “Go Green?”

Catawampus by Patrick Dougherty at the Los Angeles Arboretum: Photo by Flickr user-  tkksummersDid you know L.A. loves being green? We do, too! Reducing our carbon footprint is something our Los Angeles movers care about. That’s why our trucks run on biodiesel, and that’s why we’ve won awards for our green practices. Even our packing supplies are biodegradable. With a truly green move, it’s not just about what you move but what you’re not moving. We know that people throw out a lot of stuff when they move and that includes ancient electronic gadgets. If you’re looking to protect the planet and say goodbye to that VCR gathering dust in the garage, our Los Angeles movers recommend the Al Gore package, so we can take care of recycling your e-waste domestically. The convenient truth is our Los Angeles movers are out to save the planet. And, once your new green house is all set up, you can return our used boxes to us and save some green on your move. The grass really is greener over here. 

It’s always awards season for our Los Angeles movers

A trio of Kermits pay homage to the star: Photo by Flickr user-  Average JaneIn Los Angeles, everyone is a star. We’re the Los Angeles movers who understand that you deserve to be treated like an A-Lister, regardless of what it might say on your IMDB profile. That’s why we have earned the love, adoration, and, yes, awards from our clients, including the Jim Henson Company. As far as our Los Angeles movers are concerned, a kind word from Kermit is sweeter than an Oscar any day.


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