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A view of the Santa Monica Mountains in Topanga

Moving to or from Topanga? Whether you’re discovering this hidden treasure in the Santa Monica Mountains for the first time or you’re saying goodbye to your favorite view, our Topanga movers will help you get over those hills to wherever you call home. Do you have windy roads? Steep driveways? Endangered woodland creatures? Don’t sweat it. Our award winning Topanga movers have been moving all over Los Angeles for over 20 years. What feels like a mountain trek for others, is just an afternoon stroll in the park for us. Our Los Angeles movers are at the top of the most review sites having earned consistent five-star reviews from our clients and more awards than any other moving company. We really enjoy the view from way up here above the competition. 

hiking path in Topanga

Don’t get lost in the woods. Topanga movers will guide you home.

Topanga’s hiking trails take you all over the Santa Monica Mountains, but our Topanga movers can take you all over this lovely planet. Whether you’re blazing trails down the block, across the country or around the globe, NorthStar Moving’s Topanga movers can help with your international, long distance and local moves. Hitting the trail within California but moving greater than 100 miles within California? You can still count on our Topanga movers to get you on your route. If you hit a fork in the road, make sure to check out this roadmap on how to choose a mover

You’re a free spirit and our Topanga movers salute you.


Our Topanga movers know that your move is unique. Peace and happiness come in all colors. Whether you need some extra hands for packing up, organizing your new home, want to feel like a green goddess or if you want to do your own thing, our Topanga movers go with the flow. NorthStar Moving’s luxury packages can cover every detail of your move, leaving you free to concentrate on your own artistic expression.

We know what makes Topanga special is the community of artists and musicians that work together. Our love for the community has also bloomed into amazing partnerships with fantastic organizations that help you give back during your move. NorthStar Moving’s Topanga movers will help you donate unwanted clothes, home goodsfood and recycle your electronics.

Inn at the seventh ray restaurant

Feel one with nature with our eco-friendly Topanga movers.

Famous for eclectic spots that bring you closer to nature like the Inn at the Seventh Ray or the Theatricum Botanicum, the Topanga community is a sanctuary for nature lovers. Embrace nature’s energy and lighten your moving day’s impact on the environment with Topanga movers. NorthStar Moving was named one of the top eco-friendly moving companies in the country. Using biodiesel moving trucks, incentives for recycling moving boxes, battery-powered lift gates and green storage practices, our Topanga movers love finding new ways to lighten our carbon footprint. As an official supporter of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), NorthStar Moving only uses moving boxes certified by SFI standards in order to protect our beautiful forests. 

Topanga Canyon gives you space to breathe and Topanga movers give your belongings a little extra space.

View of the ocean from Topanga State ParkMost Angelenos have only passed through Topanga on their way to the beach, envying the easy access and scenic route Topanga residents enjoy every day. We know how much you love your fast and easy pass to the wide open spaces, and that’s why we’ve made storage just as simple. Whether you just need a little extra space to store your belongings or are just adding space for a short time, our Topanga movers can pick up and deliver your storage when you need. Not sure how much space you need? Check out these storage tips to help you get started.


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