5 Keys to Unlock Your Ideal Work-From-Home Fairytale

Sharing home life with work life is not easy. When I first started working from home over a decade ago, I envisioned myself as Cinderella blissfully singing as I worked with little birds circling around to help me. Well, that fairy tale quickly came to an end. Even though you are not fulfilling these dreamy expectations, you keep on trying, setting yourself up for disappointment each and every day. And then the awakening comes — it’s time to be your own fairy godmother and set up a new approach to successfully work from home.

How do you turn your plot around? Be honest with your ability to focus while in the midst of home distractions. Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment with lofty goals, set up your work-from-home schedule for the real you versus the fantasy you.

After years of working from home, I have learned that being honest with yourself and being able to adapt are the keys to the work-from-home lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to sprinkle that fairy dust throughout your day.