Eco-Luxury NorthStar Moving Named Official Supporter of Sustainable Forestry Initiative

NorthStar Moving Company’s use of SFI Certified materials supports improved forestry practices

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 29, 2013 – NorthStar Moving® Company, the leading award winning eco-luxury mover in California, has been named an official supporter of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). As an advocate of responsible forestry practices, the company only uses moving boxes certified to the SFI Certified Sourcing standard, using fiber from responsible and legal sources.

The SFI program’s comprehensive standard backs a strong commitment to sustainable forest management and continuous improvement, both on SFI-certified lands and on lands in North America that are not certified. This delivers enormous environmental, social and economic benefits to local communities. Since 1995, SFI program participants have contributed more than $1.3 billion for research activities, including forestry research, science and technology.

“When we opened our doors way back in 1994 we were conscious of the fact that our industry has an impact on the environment, and ever since then we have been finding new ways to reduce our footprint,” said Co-Founder of NorthStar Moving Laura McHolm.  “Being an SFI supporter is on the top of our eco-list. The health of our forests is critical to preserving our natural resources today and for future generations.”

In addition to following practices to be a SFI supporter, NorthStar Moving’s other green initiatives include moving trucks that run on bio-diesel fuel, use of eco-bubble wrap, discounts for clients that re-use and return boxes, and the company partners with E-Cycle Environmental to domestically recycle computers, televisions, batteries and a plethora of other electronic and large bulky items that are often discarded during the moving and organizing process.  Domestic recycling is key to making sure that materials are actually in fact recycled and not just dumped in third world countries to become toxic landfill. NorthStar Moving also incorporates green features in their facilities such as skylights and extra windows in its warehouses and offices to provide natural light sources and eliminate unnecessary electrical use. And, rather than countless rows of metal boxes and endless rows of asphalt driveways, the company uses recycled wooden vaults for their storage compartments that would have otherwise been discarded. 

NorthStar Moving’s green efforts received the Signature Award for Best Use of Green Practices by the California Apartment Association of Los Angeles, were featured in a textbook and have sparked the interest of various charitable and socially conscious organizations that share the company’s vision of keeping the planet healthy and beautiful.