How These Local Businesses Are Helping Feed Hungry Children in Los Angeles County During COVID-19

We’ve adapted to the new normal: the daily zoom meetings; the wallet-phone-keys-mask-hand sanitizer check-list before we walk out the door; learned new terms like PPE, SIP and IFR; and have read all about antibodies and vaccine development. We’ve counted our blessings when our families and loved ones remain uninfected. We’ve learned new diversions: 

In the midst of this crisis, the LA Food Bank is doing its best to help families and children facing hunger, but the needs they are trying to fill have never been as broad or as urgent. They are working with local school districts and with hundreds of their partner agencies in neighborhoods across the county to safely get badly needed healthy food to children and their families, but COVID-19 means more need and more unforeseen expenses. The pandemic and its economic ripple effects are being felt throughout LA County. We’ve all seen the heartbreaking news coverage of the long lines of families in their cars waiting patiently for a box of food.