How to organize a bedroom – 10 ideas for a super zen and tidy space

If you’ve abandoned bedroom organization for some time, the chaos can feel overwhelming. But, taking those first steps to tidy up and sort out your clutter will give you an instant lift.
Fear not, we’re here to help show you how tackling one thing at a time and tapping into the best bedroom storage ideas will give you game-changing results.

Once your room is organized, focus on using strategic decor to make the space feel bigger. Laura McHolm, professional organizer and co-founder of NorthStar Moving & Storage Company says, ‘With that right décor you can make a space feel bigger. Here are strategies that will open up your tiny room while showing off who you are:
Mirrors: Hang interesting mirrors around the room. The views and reflected light from the mirrors will make a bedroom look bigger. Select big and small mirrors with interesting frames to add dimension to the room.
Color: Brighten a dark space by using vibrant colors, but be sure to stick with one bedroom color scheme. Too many colors can close in the space.