How to Prioritize Customer Service When You’re Shortstaffed

Service is the art of providing your customers with care and kindness. You don’t need a full staff to provide exceptional one-on-one customer care. Think quality over quantity. As a moving company, we needed to shrink the number of moves we performed to deliver the high quality service that has always been part of our DNA and to preserve our five-star reputation. It may sound scary to shrink your business in a time when there is still a high demand. But, what is really scary is the damage to your brand caused by stretching your human resources too thin and delivering sub-par service to your customers. Your hard earned stellar reputation will suffer. Repairing a bad reputation takes years.  

Consumer demand is up, but don’t let that temptation ruin your business. Be smart and strategic, ask yourself what can my current staff handle? How can we adapt and still provide the care that our customers, guests and clients have come to expect?