How to store baking dishes – 8 ways to keep them neat

We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide, including top tips from experts on the best kitchen storage ideas, to ensure your baking dishes remain neat, tidy, and easily accessible at all times, and quick to put away, too – the less time spent clearing up, the better. […]

‘More durable dishes can be stacked on their sides like files without the risk of breakages’, says Laura McHolm, founder of NorthStar Moving Company. ‘This simple step not only creates more room but allows you to see exactly what you have, as opposed to when they’re stacked one on top of the other. You can pull them out more easily, too. 

Heavy-duty racks are great for keeping them in place if they’re in a drawer or on a pull-out mechanism of some kind. ‘Make sure that the dividers are adjustable so that can adapt your system for deep or narrow dishes’, adds professional organizer Lauren Saltman, founder of Living. Simplified.