NAWBO-LA Member Tip

My father, who also was an entrepreneur, told me if you build your business focused on being of service
to people, the sky is the limit. Don’t think about sales, think about solving people’s problems. My partner
and I follow his words of wisdom and have built our company, NorthStar Moving, on the principles of
kindness. We make it our mission to go beyond lifting boxes, to lifting up those in need.
Over the years, we discovered that “being nice” is contagious. It starts with practicing kindness with your employees; or, as we prefer to call those helpful handed folks “team members.” And, the result is our team members are happy.
We are honored to be awarded one of the Best Places to Work Award for ten consecutive years. Our happy team members then practice kindness with our clients. We want to get our clients going on their journey with kindness.