Newlyweds and Couples Moving In Together – Experts’ Advice

In this article, our group of featured experts, composed of certified counselors, psychologists, renowned authors, relationship coaches, financial advisors, and attorneys at law, provides advice for newlywed couples on finances, decoration, communication, decision-making, and of course, relationship tips. This is what they told us:

His & Hers
It’s important to create a space to call your own when you’re moving in together. Although you’re probably moving in together to be closer, remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder! Find a little space to call your own, where you decide what goes and how it’s used. Whether it’s a workspace decked out with your unique style or a reading nook with piles of your sassy pillows, a little space for yourself will allow you to later regroup and compromise regarding the rest of the shared space. 

Laura McHolm
NorthStar Moving Company