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The Corporate Culture Coach

Relocating employees to work in a new country?


Expanding your business and providing employees with an opportunity to work abroad is exciting. However, learning the norms of a new culture’s professional environment can be an obstacle course for your staff. Certified Professional Relocation Coach Sharon Gilor assists your employees with navigating the foreign setting. She will customize each coaching session, so your employee can understand the new workplace’s cultural behavior, communication styles and more. Coach Gilor’s training sessions will enable your employee to feel comfortable and confident in their new international office so  they can excel in their new position. 

Reach out to our master corporate culture coach to ensure your employees adapt quickly and smoothly in their new  business environment abroad. 


Office E-Waste

Electronics recycling service


Relocating an office space has many moving parts. One of the biggest tasks is moving servers, computers, printers and other electronic equipment. When you’re moving an office, it is the perfect time to sort through your company’s devices and discard the electronics that are no longer working. However, disposing of retired electronics is a complex process. There is Mother Earth to consider and the security of your data. Tragically, 80% of the 45 million tons of electronic waste, produced globally each year, is thrown into landfills or incinerated. This allows toxic materials to pollute our soil, water and air.  Now, it’s easy to stop this destructive behavior.  We’ve partnered with Homeboy Electronics Recycling because they have the skills to avoid landfills!  

Homeboy Electronics Recycling is a Responsible Recycling (R2) certified company that handles all of your commercial e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition needs. Their team is a green machine, seamlessly removing your old electronics from your office and caring for them responsibly, recycling them under strict guidelines while protecting your data in accordance with rigorous policies and procedures. So let Homeboy take the e-waste burden off your desk!

To request a customized electronic recycling solution for your office, fill out this inquiry form and Homeboy Electronics will respond to you within 24-hours (M-F).


The Mirror Image

Moving office space with precision


We will have you seeing double but without the chaotic reversed and upside down feeling that moving usually brings. Before one pencil gets moved, you tell our team which of your office items need to retain their identical layout in your new office space. Then using our Photo Perfect Packing™ service, we take snapshots of everything you would like packed, unpacked and carefully placed in precisely the same layout. 

Our team properly packs up your office, transports the boxes to your new office, and uses those selfies of your office items to unpack them exactly how they were in your old office. See… you actually want to do a double take! A mirror image of your desk, office shelves or supply closet. You won’t feel like anything fell down the rabbit hole. Ahh, so photo perfect, everything is in its place. This way of office moving, won’t make you late for any important meetings.

The Balanced Buddha

Chi in the office


The Balanced BuddahNorthStar Moving has partnered with Feng Shui whiz Jennifer Bonetto of Real Feng Shui SOULutions to create the best office environment possible through the professional practice of classical Feng Shui.

The goal of Feng Shui is to situate the human-built environment in a way that best coincides with the place’s good energy. Following key principles, office space can be arranged to promote balance, harmony and proper energy flow. With proper adjustments and remedies, this may bring greater health, productivity and prosperity.

The Monica

Declutter office space

Real friends don’t let friends work in clutter. Get the office space organized prior to relocating.

NorthStar Moving has teamed up with the professional organizers from Operation Organization. Moving into a new office space provides a unique opportunity to get files and desks organized once and for all. Professional organizers can sift and sort through supply closets, lunch rooms and more to sort and declutter prior to the office move. They can even place your newly reduced office supplies into perfectly packed boxes. When you move into your new office, you can start fresh with new systems and organizational strategies to keep things tidy, pleasing your inner Monica.

The Dapper Don

Office dry cleaning delivery service


No need to pull a Don Draper and get on the intercom to beckon an assistant to get your suits cleaned. It’s not the 1960s; in the modern world you can be The Dapper Don or Donna in your office with a click of a button.

WashBox, the high-end locker based dry cleaning delivery service will have your suits ready for the boardroom pitch in hours. Simply download their app and schedule your pick-up and delivery steps from your office door. WashBox provides pristinely pressed clothing with a modern eco-conscious approach, all managed from the palm of your hand. So cross that errand off your to-do list. With WashBox your wardrobe will be looking fit for Madison Avenue, and you’ll be singing Zou bisou bisou.


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