Yoshi F.

Arthur and his crew were so great.  Their work efficiency was more than I expected.  More over they were very kind and helpful. No complaint but they have nice smile all the time. I definitely recommend them.

Emily B.

I cannot say it enough – NorthStar Moving is simply the best moving company ever. I must have been extra good in a past life cuz who shows up this morning? Edgar and crew!!! They were the same guys as last time – I knew it was a good sign. 

They were on time and super efficient. They were calm, collected, and on top of it – they were the blue pill to my anxiety. 

I hope I never have to move again, but if I do, I’m using NorthStar. 

NorthStar Moving Company delivers every time.

Ben A.

I used these guys to move on Sunday October 21st and they were great. They arrived 10 mins early and were polite, efficient and respectful. The whole job was done faster than expected and I appreciated that at the end, they double checked if we wanted any boxes or pieces of furniture moved to different rooms. Shout out to Jorge J, Jorge L and Juan R – good guys.

Daniel C.

These guys were the best! It was the best moving experience we’ve ever had. Manny and his team were completely polite, respectful both to us and our home belongings, and really took care to ensure everything was moved well without bumps and scratches. They wrapped up larger items incredibly well and overall just did a great job. The moving costs were reasonable and there were no surprise fees and everything summed up to just what we anticipated. Couldn’t ask for more from movers. Great moving team! Thanks again, Manny!

Terry G.

The NorthStar moving company was super easy to set up and very responsive. My old roommate recommend them to me. The movers came at the time they said they would and were very respectful. They packed up my table carefully and wrapped everything up securely. There were complimentary wardrobe boxes that came in handy for moving my clothes. I had most everything in Rubbermaid containers but I had some odd and ends they threw into a big box. They were fast and efficient moving me out too. It took about 2.5 hours total for a large 1B from Hollywood to Burbank. This was their minimum charge so it all worked out

Andrew P.

Arthur, Lloyd and Jose are some of the funniest hard working group of guys I have ever had the joy to work with. They told me exactly what and how they were going to do the job. They moved quickly and carefully. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to move.

Manuel N.

Very good job, hard working and professional movers, they took care of everything and got everything ready in no time, my friend recommended them to me and I have to say I am really happy with the experience.
They worked really hard to get everything done, but they were super careful as well, so nothing got damaged and we have to say we are very satisfied with their job.

We will definitely call them again in case we move again (…. Some day…..)

Vicky N.

No one likes moving, and a great moving company can make the experience less painful.

It was so easy to work with NorthStar Moving from start to finish. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again. 

Great customer service, professional and respectful movers, and constant communication.

I requested a quote from multiple movers, and NorthStar replied via Yelp quickly. NorthStar’s rates are more competitive than other movers. I had a question so I called, and someone picked up the phone immediately. I didn’t have to punch in a few numbers to get connected to a person. The person was helpful and I booked NorthStar. An agreement was emailed to me immediately after I hung up, and I confirmed via email.

On moving day, the movers called me to give me their ETA. Unfortunately there were a few accidents, so they texted me to give me an updated ETA. I realize things come up and appreciated the update. They still arrived within the window. 

The movers were professional and helpful. They brought materials and supplies. They wrapped up the furniture in blankets. They worked quickly loading and unloading. They asked us where boxes should be unloaded instead of just dumping then in the garage or random rooms. Nothing was damaged during the move.

All in all, they were great and I highly recommend them.

Edna Brewer Middle School

Dear Carrie,

Edna Brewer Middle School would like to thank NorthStar Moving for their partnership with the Global Climate Action Summit and for donating their moving services to transfer items from the Moscone Center to Oakland after the event.

NorthStar Moving managed the delivery of the donation of over 4,000 sq. ft. of carpet and other materials to several Oakland area middle schools in order for them to perform upgrades to their facilities. As part of the overall sustainability plan for the Summit, these items were part of the post-event donation of materials to local schools. This donation would not have been made possible without the generous efforts of NorthStar Moving Company!

NorthStar’s excellent service was integral to the successful repurposing of these materials and we are grateful for their support of the Summit’s sustainability initiatives.

Aubrey Layne

Scan of a thank you letter to NorthStar Moving

Jake C.

Reginald and his team of 3 guys were awesome. They were fast, courteous, funny, and careful with our belongings. I’d recommend them to anyone moving in the SF area and will definitely call them next time I move.