Finally getting around to part 2 of my 2 part review (Please read my first review dated 12/18/2014). Wanted to wait until I was completely unpacked,
and any and all issues were resolved to do my follow up.

Move in day happened exactly when they said it would, and they showed up first thing in the morning with a crew of 6 ready to roll. The crew was great,
and they unpacked and reassembled everything perfectly! My only complaint was the amount of tape involved. The unpack crew got most of it, but a
few of the items they missed were a pain to get the tape off of. Other than that, I was completely satisfied with the move in process!

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that 1 small box containing a few bathroom items, as well as my shop-vac were missing. I worked with customer service, and I am more than happy to say that by following the process my issues have all been reconciled! I understand when you have a move of this magnitude
(mine required 2 trucks), there is a chance of misplaced items. Northstar was fabulous, they took care of me every step of the way. I actually like to see how a company handles adversity. If everything goes according to plan, you have no way to judge how they will react when things dont go smoothly.
Northstar gets 6 stars (although stupid Yelp would only allow me to get them 5).

Absolutely fantastic and fulfills all expectations given the reviews.
I had a team of 3 – Jose garcia, Carlos, and Jerry. I remember all their names because they were all extremely gracious and highly communicative.
I booked my move 2 weeks out and had a great interaction with the North star team on the phone and as well on email
(I had to grab certificates of liability insurance from them and their office was extremely accommodating and responsive).
For the actual move, they called me at the beginning of my arrival range to give me a 30min window for the actual arrival.
The team had a big truck, lots of dollies, blankets, boxes of tape rolls. These guys literally do this for a living and acted very much like professionals.
I had 3 pickups and 1 dropoff – and the whole thing took 3.5 hours (4.25 with the drives). They even disassembled and reassembled my furniture,
which was an AMAZING help. So happy with these guys and would recommend them to anyone!

As you know, our jobs normally consist of book collection shifts in our vaults, and sometimes moving supplies or collection materials from the Getty Center in Brentwood to our off site storage facility in the valley. It’s always a pleasure doing business with NorthStar. Your customer service is first rate. I appreciate the level of service and attention to detail. Your crews maintain a professional attitude and work hard. I feel that we are in good hands on these jobs, especially with thorough supervisors like Nick. I anticipate a long lasting relationship with you guys.

Thanks for everything.
Rick B.

Senior Project Coordinator
Getty Research Institute

Recommendation Letter from the Getty Research Institute