I’ve moved with these guys four times and it’s always been an easy experience. A few times things have broken, but that’s to be expected because moving sucks. They’re a good company and helped take care of it. They make moving suck less.

I cannot say it enough – NorthStar Moving is simply the best moving company ever. I must have been extra good in a past life cuz who shows up this morning? Edgar and crew!!! They were the same guys as last time – I knew it was a good sign. 

They were on time and super efficient. They were calm, collected, and on top of it – they were the blue pill to my anxiety. 

I hope I never have to move again, but if I do, I’m using NorthStar. 

NorthStar Moving Company delivers every time.
Dont think I can post another review so I’ll do it here. choose northstar again to help me move and it was the right choice. Arthur and his team was great. Arthur personally took the time and care to safeguard my belongings. He was very professional, methodic and showed great care. Another 5 star experience.
The crew who helped me move did so with a smile on their face, after working since 7am. They were very hard-working, respectful, and thorough.

I appreciated their positive attitudes, and have always had a great experience with this company – I’ve used their services twice in two years.

Arthur, Eddy, Calvin – thank you for your help!!
I was in a pinch and wasn’t ready packing when Northstar showed up but these guys said it wasn’t a problem, jumped in,  and helped out. Full service, great attitude, they have all the supplies you need. Logan, Ron, and Nick saved the day.
I’ve used Northstar about 4 times so far.  This time was no different than the others.  They arrived on time, worked fast and got me to my new place without any trouble.  Prices are reasonable and the staff is always nice… To me anyway.  I’ve also never had any broken items, thankfully.  They really bust their ass to get you where you need to go.  The dudes even unpacked my boxes so that I didn’t  received any charges for them. I highly recommend them.
Third time’s a charm!

This is the third time I’ve used these guys and I keep going back to them because they always provide great service. I moved from a house to apartment this time, and the experience has been consistent.

These guys are quick, efficient and I’ve never had any issues with damaged property. I chose to pack most of my stuff, but they took the additional measures to make sure items were securely taped or furniture covered with protective sheets to ensure nothing got scratched or damaged.

The guys themselves are also super courteous (I was reminded several times that I wouldn’t be charged for any idle time).

Rates are really reasonable, too.

I highly recommend these guys for your local move!
Best movers very fair and quick was in and out in 3 hrs!

Brandon and his team were super professional!
Lamar, from Northstar called to see if I could do my move an hour early. He and his crew arrived at the time he stated. They were friendly and professional. The guys wrapped my things & helped to pack the last remaining items. They were quick and moved efficiently. I am very happy with their service.

NorthStar is my go-to for my last two moves and each time it’s been absolutely stellar. Customer service is top notch with booking and quotes. Super quick to respond and extremely friendly and helpful. This time I moved from my Potrero apartment over to Mission Bay and was delighted by the service I received from Edgar, Isael Carlos, & Rodolfo. They showed up on time, were super friendly and got the job done with lightning speed and a smile the entire time. The destination was a bit tricky and they navigated right through a challenging load-in situation without any issues. I really appreciated their attention to detail and care for my belongings throughout the process. I cannot recommend this company enough! A++++