Juan, Oscar, and Omar were great. Some of the most friendly and efficient movers I’ve had. I’ve moved around 4 times in the past 3 years and this was by far the best experience I’ve had. Highly recommend! Thanks!!

I never thought I’d love a moving company enough to write a Yelp review — but here we are!

NorthStar Movers treated me so well when they left I had a warm fuzzy feeling the rest of the day. From the team who helped assemble a reasonable quote for me to the office staff who helped prep leading up to it, I felt like I was being spoken to with respect and consideration of my needs/budget. The movers themselves were fast, safe, careful with my belongings, attentive to my questions/requests, and mindful of time/money.

Don’t be deterred by the way they quote. I actually quite like it. NorthStar likes to give you a “not to exceed” price, and the team when they show up focus hard on getting you below that. They don’t waste time. Therefore, I had expected $X and wound up paying a lot less. Which was a great mindset to be in (vs expecting to pay $X and paying significantly more after the fact).

10/10 – NorthStar Movers are champs

This team of movers, Joshua, Jacob, and Maximo were so great! They arrived on time and immediately went to work. They were all so professional and I was able to trust them almost immediately. My belongings were handled carefully, no scratches on them or the walls. They never slowed down and had everything loaded and ready to go in far less time than I expected. Off we went to the new home and they quickly put all my stuff in the proper rooms, including very heavy items in the upstairs rooms. They never took a break. I moved many times in my life but this team was fantastic to watch. The price was also exactly what I had been quoted. NO SURPRISES!!! Thank you Joshua, Maximo and Jacob for working so very hard for me and making my move a much less stressful experience.

What a great moving company. They came on time and did everything so smoothly and safely. Sanches and Brandon L, thank you bros so much for everything. These two packaged my stuff and made sure everything was safe and did everything in 3 hours. They went beyond call of duty, thank you sirs!

I wanted to thank both teams at NorthStar Jorge and Roberts team! Jorges team helped me few back to load our house to storage, they were super helpful, very careful and kind! Took apart everything without breaking it & loaded it to storage without a problem! They were very quick! As well as Roberts team who we met yesterday to unload to bring to our new house! We finished under 4 hours I believe & that’s amazing! Moving is definitely a very stressful time so to have a great time to make it go by easy and painless is highly important and I’m glad I had great helpers!! Whenever we move again I hope to have the same teams because they were great!! Thank you SO much!!

Robert and his team did a fantastic job with our move this weekend. We so appreciated the experienced crew of 3 and couldn’t believe how fast they got everything packed, while using such care for our belongings. No broken items.Thank you Robert!!

Robert’s team did so great! They made a challenging move for us super easy. Very friendly. Organized. Had all the materials and tools. And they handled our fine art with extreme care. Robert checked to make sure we were satisfied several times through the move and every time we needed something the response was “you got it”. Highly recommend Robert and Alex.

Moving is kinda the worst. Packing unpacking changing mail all that awfulness, but North Star has been our go to for moving. Roberts team was quick and super efficient. All our things made it safe and sound to our new place — we will definitely be using them again but hopefully not any time soon. And if you’re moving make sure you ask for Robert and his team.

Had a wonderful experience (well as wonderful as moving can be) this past weekend with Robert and his team! They were outstanding and really did a fantastic 5 star job! Robert treated my stuff as they were his own…very careful about everything. Worried about marking the walls and things I wasn’t that concerned about at the time, but after, it makes all the difference. Very happy customer and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a great job done in a very efficient and careful way!

Just used this moving company today for the first time!!! SO HAPPY with how it turned out and would highly recommend!!! Thankfully, move was stress free. I had Roberts team (2 people: Robert & Jose) helping me today and they were quick, friendly and worked hard (especially considering that my furniture was HUGE and they took the stairs 50 million times like champs). I felt so bad but they handled it professionally. They were sooo quick, we finished within our 2 hour time limit that we tried to set ourselves (we’re on a budget unfortunately).

I didn’t use any wrapping or packaging and my stuff arrived at my new apartment just fine! I have a HUGE leather couch and a huge leather headboard and i was super surprised that nothing was damaged. Robert and Jose carefully moved everything through the small doors and hallways, which I was so grateful for!

They were careful with driving too! I drove infront of them because my new apartment is gated (so i can let them in) and i noticed they were driving slow which was AMAZING!!! Nobody wants movers that drive crazy so I was super glad they seemed to care about our stuff.

The booking process was super easy! I requested a quote from yelp and they were super quick to respond and call me about prices. They didn’t ask for a deposit and said that the minimum was 2 hours which is PERFECT because I was moving a studio within a very close distance. EVERY other place that I called had a 3 hour minimum.

I was able to pay cash in person and was told that it was Not an extra fee for cards (i noticed other moving companies charged like $5-$20 extra for cards!

OVERALL: SUPER impressed with this company!! I will be using them for future moves!!! Thanks again for the quick and easy move!