World Refugees Day Award

Miry’s List, a nonprofit organization serving over 300 families who have recently resettled in America as refugees from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, honored NorthStar Moving Co-Founder Laura McHolm with their Ana Huna “Least We Can Do” Award during their 2019 World Refugees Day Awards. Miry’s List Founder & Executive Director Miry Whitehill said that “We are awarding Ms. McHolm and her entire team at NorthStar Moving as they have been an integral part in settling these families into their new homes in this country. NorthStar Moving stores donated essential household items for us and then delivers them to the apartments of the resettling families. Our new arrival refugee families feel welcome, safe and a sense of belonging. Ms. McHolm and NorthStar Moving are demonstrating to the entire country how private companies can make a tangible impact on families resettling here. It’s inspiring and deserves to be celebrated.”


Photos from the awards ceremony

  • Photos courtesy of Christina Gandolfo

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World Refugees Day Award
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