Review by The Jim Henson Company

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I write to thank you and North Star for the exceptional job on the two-phase move of the Jim Henson  Creature Shop from Burbank to Hollywood. Every aspect of the move, from the initial estimate to the post move follow-up  was professional and efficient. The diversity of items you were requested to pack and move, from priceless  soft puppets to delicate computer puppet control performance systems, was  handled with the appropriate degree of care. The crew was professional,  courteous, and efficient. They worked together like a well-oiled machine. I  particularly liked the way NorthStar employees interacted with Jim Henson  Company staff during the move, asking questions and getting clarification on  issues that otherwise would have to have been corrected at a later date. Not only would I recommend your services to anyone that asks, but I already  have (as you know) with equally great results. And last but not least, both phases of the move came in significantly under the  budget estimate. When we next have occasion to use moving services, you can be assured we  will call NorthStar.

Joseph Henderson
Vice President, US and UK Administration

Recommendation Letter from the Jim Henson Company