Peak moving season is fast approaching. That means people will soon be flocking in and out of the country’s biggest cities. Wondering which places see the biggest ebb and flow? Our friends at NorthStar Moving have put together these two infographics that show the top cities in the country that people are moving to and from. The graphics are based on data from the American Moving & Storage Association, which tracks inbound  and outbound shipments across the USA.

The rankings reflect the total number shipments, not movers as a percentage of the city’s population. They overlap quite a bit. Strangely enough, the same place tops both lists. Why do you think that is? Let us know in the comments., the resource for stress-free moving, reached out to moving companies across the country, both those that operate nationally and locally, to see whose green practices stood out. NorthStar Moving was selected as one of the top seven in the entire country leading the way in eco-friendly moving for its commitment to their green efforts in their moving services as well as through their community outreach.

  • names NorthStar Moving Company as one of the Top Eco-friendly Moving Companies.
  • NorthStar Moving Company’s eco-friendly moving trucks

When you hear the term “green moving,” it might invoke images of packing your things in grass and bamboo baskets, or perhaps a VW van with a psychedelic paint job comes to mind?  Today, green moving means being conscientious of the environment and using methods that are not harmful to the earth. As one of our celebrity clients, Kermit, can tell you: sometimes, it is actually easy being green.