This was my first time using NorthStar and I couldn’t have moved without them!

NorthStar was thorough and helpful from start to finish! Alma was amazing to
help me get set up on the phone and over email to confirm all of the details.

I had a three stop move and everything went smoothly. They sent out
3 guys and 1 truck, (Orlando, Jorge, and Andres) which was sufficient for
my move. It was a long day, but everything couldn’t have gone better, the
crew moved quickly throughout the whole operation.

I will definitely use them again for my next upcoming move!

My Northstar moving team did a great  job moving my furniture to my new home.  

Hannes, Carlos, Rodolfo, and Haitham were extremely courteous, professional, and accommodating.  They handled the furniture with care as you would expect and placed all my furniture exactly where I wanted.  I was impressed especially with their handling of my upright piano.
This is the second time I’ve used this company, and they are absolutely amazing.

This is part 1 of my 2 part review of NorthStar Moving.  First off, this is the first time I have actually used a moving company, in the past I have moved myself, and my family of 6, with only the assistance of family and friends and LOTS of pizza.  I have, however, explored using a moving company in the past, which involved me calling several companies, having estimators come out and quote the move, etc.  So I have some experience with this phase of the process, and in the past it has been fair to subpar.  

My wife did a ton of research, and we decided NorthStar would be the company we tried first.  I called in, and within a minute I was speaking with Jessica who expertly and pleasantly got me all setup for Michael, our estimator, to come onsite and do the estimate.  THANK YOU JESSICA!  The initial experience was so good I decided not to explore any other options.  

Michael came out, showed up exactly on time, and the estimate process went smooth as well.  He informed me well on the process, and upcoming move.  THANK YOU MICHAEL!!

Since the estimate, I have had several things pop up, all of which Michael helped me with.  Then, the best part happened, I got a call from Rebecca yesterday to finalize everything.  I was on the road, and in meetings, and Rebecca was patient, responsive, answered all of my remaining questions and concerns.  Since I was not able to take notes, she then summarized everything in an email, and made it easy for me to access all of the information I needed.  THANK YOU SO MUCH REBECCA!!!!  YOU ARE THE BESTEST!!

So far so good, the movers show up this Sunday, and are scheduled to deliver the 26th-27th of December.  I will do a “post mortum” review after everything is done.  Wish us luck!

Finally getting around to part 2 of my 2 part review (Please read my first review dated 12/18/2014).  Wanted to wait until I was completely unpacked, and any and all issues were resolved to do my follow up.

Move in day happened exactly when they said it would, and they showed up first thing in the morning with a crew of 6 ready to roll.  The crew was great, and they unpacked and reassembled everything perfectly!  My only complaint was the amount of tape involved.  The unpack crew got most of it, but a few of the items they missed were a pain to get the tape off of.  Other than that, I was completely satisfied with the move in process!

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that 1 small box containing a few bathroom items, as well as my shop-vac were missing.  I worked with customer service, and I am more than happy to say that by following the process my issues have all been reconciled!  I understand when you have a move of this magnitude (mine required 2 trucks), there is a chance of misplaced items.  Northstar was fabulous, they took care of me every step of the way.  I actually like to see how a company handles adversity.  If everything goes according to plan, you have no way to judge how they will react when things dont go smoothly.  Northstar gets 6 stars (although stupid Yelp would only allow me to get them 5).

The service experience had to be exceptional to get me to convert from a casual Yelp reader to register and become a contributor.

Based on another Yelp review, I used Northstar to move some furniture from the Bay Area to Los Angeles.  The estimate process was easy; follow-up from Northstar was great and timely.  The phone representatives were easy to work with and accommodating.  The team (Miguel, Vidal, and Ricardo) showed up as promised; they were friendly and professional.  They quickly and carefully wrapped all the pieces with great care; movement of the items was efficient and demonstrated expertise.  All furniture pieces were blanket wrapped and then plastic wrapped.  Small pieces removed (like legs and shelves) were paper wrapped and boxed nicely; I could not have hoped for better service.  There were no unexpected costs or hassles in the process; the cost was consistent with the estimate.

I highly recommend Northstar moving services and specifically this local Bay Area team.
They did a super job!

I’ve moved quite a few times over the past few years between different states, and I have to say that NorthStar is definitely a cut above the rest.  They have an organized system of taking inventory on each end of the move, and you, as the consumer, are involved in verifying each item they load/unload. 

They started my move in L.A. from a storage facility.  My mom was on that end and said they were professional and easy to work with.

On my end, it was the same… a clean NorthStar moving van, and a really nice bunch of guys who wouldn’t even let this little lady lift a finger! haha

It’s kind of difficult to find moving companies who make it easy to move from So Cal to the Bay Area, but these guys will definitely be my next moving company for cross-town, cross-Cali, and cross-country!

Customer service via phone and email is pretty good as well.

Definitely recommended for people who have to move all on their own.
Who knows, Yelp could be a good place to start looking for movers. Yes, that was how I found NorthStar Moving Company.

I recently moved from Los Angeles to San Jose. The intrastate move was smooth, the movers were fast and efficient.

Since NorthStar is consolidated moving, the pickup date is up to you, and the delivery is within 1 to 10 day window. Luckily for me, it took only 2 days.

On the phone, the staff explains what the cost covers and what not. Once you reserve the pickup date, they will send a confirmation email stating everything you need to know about your move.  

I packed all my stuffs in boxes and luggages, disassembled my bed frame in advance, so once the guys came, everything was ready to go. However, they do the whole assemble and disassemble things for you, just please tip them.

Will I be using NorthStar again, I would, plus I would recommend this to my friends for their future moves.
Found a moving company for my relocation from Los Angeles to Sacramento.  Heard good things about northstar so decided to give them a try.  From start to finish, everyone I interacted with was nothing short of professional.  No additional charges except for a “long carry” to my apartment that was totally justified.  My 2 bedroom apartment was packed carefully boxed up and shipped without any damage.  I have to give a special thanks to both Zack and Michael for their awesome work.  Definitely a top notch job by those guys…
My husband and I used this company to move from LA to SF and we highly recommend it. Great and professional staff, Chase was very communicative and on top of it. We used the flat rate price and got and great deal, also used the yelp deal. Would use them again!
This is my second time using NorthStar: first time was SF to San Diego; this time from San Diego to LA.

The customer service for NorthStar is great! Get Stefy if you can – she coordinated both of my moves (I made sure to ask for her again), and is easy to work with and makes the process a lot less stressful.

My one complaint would be that the movers arrived at the end of the starting window and things moved slower than I expected, which resulted in us hitting some rush hour traffic on a Friday.

But besides that everything was smooth and all the silly moving policy shenanigans that my move-out building required were expertly handled by Stefy.