Kim Dixon

Dear Northstar, 

Thanks for making my cross-country move so efficient and easy! Everything from the projected cost to the pick-up and delivery range was exactly as promised, and my things were carefully and safely packed and moved, and the guys were mellow and courteous. Especially given all the horror stories I’ve heard from friends who’ve made similar moves, I’m happy I found you guys (from your listing on the Better Business Bureau webpage), will recommend you to anyone planning a long-distance move. 


PS: One of your staff accidentally left a moving blanket here at my new place, so I’ll mail it to your Northridge, CA office as soon as I can.NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

Norma J. Mannix

I am writing to thank you and all of the staff of Northstar Moving Corporation for the excellent moving service Northstar has provided to me over the course of three moves. 

I have relocated throughout the United States many times since 1982 for my career; in fact, I have moved every year since 1994. I have worked with most of the major carriers in the U.S. for local and long distance moves. I was very lucky to find your advertising banner on in 2001 when I needed to move locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

From my first call to Ted, who coordinates Northstar’s local moves, through the completion of the move itself, I was treated with respect; my goods were handled carefully and efficiently; and I was charged a very fair price. Therefore, when I decided to move locally in 2002 I called Northstar and again had an excellent moving experience. 

Recently I relocated to Washington, DC and I called Northstar to arrange for this long-distance move. I had the opportunity to work with you and with Kimberly of Moishe’s Moving Systems in New York City, and you both coordinated the relocation excellently. But the real stars of the show were the supervisors of the moving pick-up and delivery, Erez in California for Northstar and Omri in Washington, DC for Moishe’s. 

I knew that Northstar’s teams prepare and load customers’ goods with care, but I was unprepared for the extent that Erez and his team would go to in ensuring that my furniture was protected during this long-distance move. I do not have expensive or antique furniture, but Erez and his team wrapped every piece of furniture as if each was invaluable. 

When Omri and his helper delivered the furniture in Washington, DC, they could not do enough to make sure that each item was positioned where I wanted it and that I was satisfied with their work. And they finished the unloading in less than two hours. 

Finally, I was most pleasantly surprised by the cost of this move. With the quality of your moving services, I expected to pay much more than I did!

Mr. Katalan, I have only one regret. I wish Northstar had an affiliate in Washington, DC for local moves since I expect to move locally again next year. I know that my future moving companies will never meet the customer service standards set by Northstar Moving Corporation since Northstar is the Best! 

Norma J. MannixNorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

Joann Lassus

I recently coordinated a move for a couple in Pacific Palisades – Jill and Tim Hobert. I’m a professional organizer and have moved a number of clients in the Los Angeles area. This was not my first experience with NorthStar, and it will certainly not be my last (I’ve also used Moishe’s moving in New York.)

This move was a little more complicated than others I’ve done, in that the homeowners were not able to get into the house prior to the move to consider furniture placement, storage, etc. The move took place on Saturday July 12, escrow closed on Monday July 7,and the contractors started Tuesday July 8 and worked double overtime to finish by Friday night, July 11.

NorthStar handled the packing and the move. The entire crew on both days was friendly, polite, professional and made a very stressful time much less so. The foreman, Ori, did an especially excellent job. He had the patience of a saint and let us work out furniture placement, where things should be stored, and endured more than one trip back to the original house (it was a very local move – 3 blocks away!) The homeowners have two very young children (4 and 2) and Ori was just great with them.

Everyone I dealt with, from Ghati (the estimator) to Ori and his crew, made this move much more bearable then it ordinarily would have been. Because of their packing skills and their willingness to work with us on the day of the move, I was able to unpack a family of four in 3 days. (That includes the garage and the attic!) 

So. Once again, thanks to NorthStar for everything, and I look forward to working with you again soon!


Joann Lassus
Auntie Clutter Professional Organizing Services

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

Theresa M. Orth

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your moving staff. Alta quickly and clearly set up the move and explained all of the contractual details. The four young men who came to pack and load the boxes in California were a joy to work with. They were extremely courteous, friendly, efficient, and careful. They explained everything and made sure I knew where small pieces were located. I would definitely recommend your company to a friend.

Thanks for a painless move.

Theresa M. Orth

Theresa M. Orth-2003

Kathryn Bloomer

I am sending letter as a token of my appreciation to Ron, Miral, Ray, and all the other friendly employees at Northstar that assisted me in my move. My belongings were shipped from California to Utah in less than 48 hours, and they were well packed with not a scratch on anything. I enjoyed my moving experience with Northstar and I would recommend the company to anyone looking for help with a move. 

Many Thanks, 

Kathryn Bloomer
Sales Analyst
Travelers Cheque Group, North America

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

Elizabeth Gaidos

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Gadi M. Avigzer, Project Manager for Northstar Moving Corporation. When I first contacted Mr. Avigzer I wasn’t sure about my plans and the move was rather complicated. I was sending some furniture to relatives in the Midwest, and planning to store the rest of my belongings for an unspecified period of time. 

Only a few days before the second half of the move, I changed my plans and told Gadi that I was taking an apartment in the area and needed to move in at the end of June, requiring storage of my belongings for just a two week period. Gadi Avigzer and the rest of the highly professional and capable staff at Northstar saw to it that everything went smoothly and were able, on short notice, to meet my needs. The move out of my prior residence went well, and they accommodated my request to be in my new apartment before the end of the month, making a special effort to do so. Moving is a challenge, but Gadi Avigzer and the staff at Northstar helped me meet the challenge successfully. I plan to use Northstar in the future and would recommend Mr. Avigzer to you.  

Very truly yours, 

Elizabeth Gaidos

2001--September 2--Elizabeth Gaidos--local

W. Harold Petersen

This letter is sent to express our pleasure with the move of our home from Brentwood to Valencia. First the trucks were clean and nicely painted. The movers’ shirts with company emblems added a touch of class. The big thing was the care and concern demonstrated by Moshe, Taz, Ran and Shai. The personalities of these fine young men made it a delightful experience. You are good. Your people are excellent. Thank you for a good move. Sincerely, W. Harold Petersen

Naomi Rauff

It is with much affirmation that I praise your employee, Gadi Avigzer, the Relocation Specialist that you sent to represent your company regarding my move from Altadena, California to Ramsey, New Jersey. 

Having to work alone on this project, as I am a recent widow  I had many emotional and critical decisions to make this move go smoothly and in a cost effective manner. I met with three different companies, yours being one of the three. It was actually the kindness and helpfulness of Gadi that made me decide to go with North Star. Gadi took the time and exhibited so much patience as he explained the process and answered every one of my questions. He made feel like his own treasured grandma as he worked with me on and every concern. Your price was not the deciding factor in my choice of you; rather it was the character and integrity of your employee, Gadi. I thought that if your other employees were even half as supportive and kind as he, that the move and I would be in good hands. 

Gadi checked in with me a number of times after I made my decision to move with you, and always responded quickly to any phone message I left with him. He never made me feel my questions were a waste of time, and even when I needed things explained a second or a third time, he stayed cheerful and patient  He even came over on the day of the move to make sure everything was going along O.K. 

I want you to hear from this grateful customer that such employees are treasures; not only to you, but also to the public you serve. Thank you for the services rendered to me on this move, and thank you for having excellent workers like Gadi in place to make a hard thing in life be easier.

Naomi K. Rauff 

2000--November 29--Naomi Rauff--


Sports Zone

Thank you for serving my coast to coast moving needs, with such great pleasure, Piece of mind and comfort. The people at Northstar Moishe’s Moving are THE BEST, I’ve ever seen and dealt with in the Moving business and are true professionals. My entire move was done very professionally and quickly. After 3000 miles nothing was broken or missing. Thank you for serving me in the most professional and courteous service. In the future I will recommend your company to any one who is moving, and will only share my great experience.

Etai Siag

Recommendation Letter from Sports Zone

Karlville Development USA, Inc.

Now a days everyone is very quick to complain, but very few are willing to take some time off to make a positive remark about something good, much less to put in writing. This is just a short note to inform you how happy I was with the excellent service of your company … I mean before the moving was done, during the day of the packaging and the move itself, and all the follow up service that you personally got involved in.  Moving from the West Coast to the West, especially in our case, a residential and a commercial move, all in one, was not an easy task. During the day of the move your employees made this experience fun and were a great group to watch how they worked. They were careful, they were cordial, they were constantly volunteering to help in whatever was necessary but above all, they were full of life. Your company clearly does a great job in selecting and training your employees. Mr. Yohai, the manager that was assigned to oversee our move, was special though. He knew how to manage the rest of the crew impeccable well. It was amazing to watch them work and their stimulating spirit was so contagious, that for the first time in my life, I was moving a whole house and my office included, with the sound of music in the background. If you ever need references about your company, please feel free to use this letter or myself as a reference to prove how economical and efficient your company was. Please receive my gratitude and extend it to all the workers involved in my move. I think it’s important to recognize good work and motivate them to know that occasionally, clients do get out of their way to acknowledge something that is good. But in you case, you were superb.

Roberto Mann Marketing Director

Recommendation from Karlville Development USA, Inc