I wanted to drop you a quick note once again to let you know our appreciation for the fine, professional service provided by the crew, Everyone on the crew, including Dan the forman, Issac, Ariel, Chris and Oded were very helpful in making the move a very quick one indeed, Your staff made what could have been a nightmare of two moves not a big deal at all. As you know, I will be calling you in the next few days to discuss some of the nicks on some of the furniture that we are sure took place during the move. Once again, thanks for your help and that of your fine personnel L’ Shana Tova to you and everyone there.

Very truly yours,
David R. Flamer, C.P.A.

Recommendation Letter from Lasher, Flamer & Associations

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Break the Cycle and the clients our programs will serve this year, thank you for your most recent donation of moving services to our program, Donors like you, who regularly support our organization, are our most  cherished contributors. Repeat contributions evidence a true recognition of the ongoing need for our services and the value of our programs. We are certainly pleased to be able to include you in our growing “family” of supporters who demonstrate their commitment to our program time and again. As always, your contribution will be used to prevent, educate, and intervene on the issue of teen dating violence, As our funding grows, so too do our programs and,accordingly, your contribution will be used to further the services of our organization from legal services to mentor programs. Break the Cycle is a nonprofit charitable institution, solely dependent for its income on foundation and corporate giving programs, and private donations from caring individuals like yourself. As a result, your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness and charitable support of Break the Cycle. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or ‘if there is any more information we can provide you.

Meredith Blake,
Esq. Executive Director

Recommendation Letter from Break the Cycle

Now a days everyone is very quick to complain, but very few are willing to take some time off to make a positive remark about something good, much less to put in writing. This is just a short note to inform you how happy I was with the excellent service of your company … I mean before the moving was done, during the day of the packaging and the move itself, and all the follow up service that you personally got involved in.  Moving from the West Coast to the West, especially in our case, a residential and a commercial move, all in one, was not an easy task. During the day of the move your employees made this experience fun and were a great group to watch how they worked. They were careful, they were cordial, they were constantly volunteering to help in whatever was necessary but above all, they were full of life. Your company clearly does a great job in selecting and training your employees. Mr. Yohai, the manager that was assigned to oversee our move, was special though. He knew how to manage the rest of the crew impeccable well. It was amazing to watch them work and their stimulating spirit was so contagious, that for the first time in my life, I was moving a whole house and my office included, with the sound of music in the background. If you ever need references about your company, please feel free to use this letter or myself as a reference to prove how economical and efficient your company was. Please receive my gratitude and extend it to all the workers involved in my move. I think it’s important to recognize good work and motivate them to know that occasionally, clients do get out of their way to acknowledge something that is good. But in you case, you were superb.

Roberto Mann Marketing Director

Recommendation from Karlville Development USA, Inc

This letter is to thank you and your company for helping us with our small office move. Everything went smoothly on Saturday. Gonen Shlomo and Simon Dayan were on-time, efficient and friendly. We will keep your company in mind for any future needs. Thanks again for your great service.  

Laura Stone

Recommendation Letter from Winningham Becker & Company

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the service we received from your company recently. Eitan and his crew were very competent and very pleasant to work with. It was an extremely hot day but they worked tirelessly to complete the work necessary to get us into our new offices. Our move went very smoothly thanks to the help of your company. I would recommend your services highly.

Ashley Quinn

Recommendation Letter from Renegade Animation

Recently I was in charge of consolidating the relocation of all of our various divisions across the country to our new corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. Along with the corporate moves, I also had the task of making the moving arrangements for all of the executives’ homes, including my own. I cannot tell you how happy I was that I chose NorthStar Moving to handle all of these moves. All of the members of your moving crews were extremely efficient professionals.   I was impressed by your organization’s ability to adapt to our ever changing schedule, our multitude of demands, and our varying moving needs at the two ends of the country simultaneously. At one point in the planning process, I considered breaking the moves in to various parts (Commercial, Residential, and by Region: California and Florida) hiring a different moving company for each part. However, in the final analysis I opted to use your company for the entire project. This choice was absolutely the correct one.  Not only were all of the moves handled with the utmost care, but my work in managing the process was drastically reduced by the fact that I now had a “partner in crime” to share my responsibilities. Your Commercial Division Project Manager, Ram Katalan, made my job that much easier. Ram effectively managed all aspects of all of the moves. He seemed to always be available to me to answer any of my questions and to make the multitude of arrangements for the plethora of last minute changes.
The bottom line is that what could have been a series of disasters, emerged as a fully coordinated move. I am afraid that I do not recall the names of all the movers, your office staff, or the rest of the team who made our moves into our new corporate headquarters a resounding success, but to everyone involved; Thank You for UStel, Inc.!
Ron City
Director of Marketing & 
Manager of Special Operations

P.S. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

We are finally “settled” in our new offices and I wanted to thank you for the incredible job your company did moving our office. Moving is never an enjoyable experience, but working with you and your team made the process significantly easier. Even with the unforeseen problems we encountered with an inoperative elevator that morning and rain in the evening, your staff kept their great attitudes and professionalism throughout the day. Additionally, they were very efficient and took great care making sure our furniture arrived to our new destination safely and undamaged. Beyond the exceptional service and flexibility, your cost estimate was very reasonable as well. Some of the larger moving companies claimed that movers charging less than them would be unreliable, unprofessional and risky to hire. They were totally wrong. I highly recommend Northstar Moving to anyone who wants to have a low-stress, affordable, high quality and honest company provide a positive moving experience.

Very truly yours,
Dale Young, Jr.

Recommendation from Kenmar Properties, Inc.