We’ve been using North Star Movers for our business for 10 years and we’ve always been more than pleased with their performance.

Today, Jesse, Emmanuel, Kevin and Samuel moved our entire office space in just two hours – amazing! Such nice guys and genuinely wanting to help make the move as quick and painless as possible. Definitely will be requesting these guys again!
Jesse and George did a great job on my office move this morning. Moving between offices in DTLA can be nerve-wracking, but Northstar’s guys showed up on time and got the job done quickly. Thanks

Carlos and his team did an amazing job! Friendly service and helped move my office in only a few hours even though there were some big pieces of furniture. Would use them again!

North Star is fantastic!!! We hired their company to handle our large scale office move for a company of around 60 people in SF. On moving day, I arrived about 30 minutes after they did and was literally shocked at how much progress they had made already, especially considering that we were moving out of a 3rd floor office with no elevator. We had a lot of large/ awkward/ valuable furniture, along with everyone’s computer monitors, desks, chairs etc. and they handled it all beautifully. They made sure to bring plenty of movers and several foremen to manage our move, and all of them were hardworking, funny, understanding and patient. We had specific furniture floor plans to follow upon move-in, and they were great at following our (probably frazzled) directions, and were extremely helpful with changing things around if we mixed anything up. 

I was expecting (dreading) the move to spill over the allotted time, but it all happened in a single day, AND, to our surprise, they beat their estimated time and price. I would absolutely recommend and use their services again. THANKS SO MUCH NORTH STAR!!!
I just used Northstar movers to move out of my office downtown we are. And Raphael s. Or fantastic got messed up on time and stayed in contact with me the whole time so that I knew where my stuff was even though I couldn’t be there myself perfect. I would highly recommend.

Want a bunch of super nice clean cut big boys to come to your office and house and man handle your move while being polite and funny and extremely helpful? You’ve come to the right place!

Moving day is one of the MOST dreaded days everyone ever experiences. As the ‘largest man’ in my immediate family — I have probably had to move 20 times in the last 10 years, my wife, my sisters, even helping friends, always me doing 90% of the work — NIGHTMARE!!! NOT the case with North Star at all — the most amazing hands off experience I have ever had!!! I worked from my laptop 90% of the time because it was a Friday! They packaged everything for us, perfectly wrapped everything in blankets, took down desks, took things off walls, everything — and quickly!

My wife and I were moving back to Norcal from LA and we moved 1 house and 1 full 2,500 sq ft. office into 1 house and 1 huge 5,000 sq ft office — all faster than I could have ever done it even with the help of my employees.

Now I have to take a moment to give a shout out to Fred, Josh & Lloyd. While they do not understand that Steph Curry is better than Ray Allen could ever be at basketball — they are all hilarious and awesome to work with, and were extremely nice and worked quickly. I could not possibly give them a better review — 6 stars of it was possible! I would like literally hang out and grab a beer with these guys if they didn’t still live in LA.

Awesome team — awesome company — awesome deal on the pricing! Could not be happier!!!
They got the job done fast and well.
Our office building was sold and without a lot of notice we had to find new office space and move within two weeks. We contacted Northstar Movers and asked for a Friday move after 4:30 PM, when our phones were being shut off. 4 Men actually arrived a little early and we were absolutely AMAZED but the level of service they provided. They were so efficient and professional…..Their attitudes and workmanship was beyond our expectations. They moved us within 4 hours and set up our new office…Damage Free…. If I was trying to find fault or make any suggestions as to how they could have done better, I could not. I would not only recommend Northstar but would suggest you save yourself time by not even bothering to look further. I’ve used them in the past to move my household and would not ever call anyone else if I needed moving service agai
David, Arturo and Steven just helped our office with moving a truck load of storage into our storage unit and did a great job. They were extremely careful with our fragile objects and got everything moved in less than 3 hours. I highly recommend North Star Movers!
Final Update: Thanks to the phenomenal customer service from NorthStar Movers’ HR department, I am able to confidently update my review to 5 stars. I was able to satisfactorily resolve the issue I had regarding my broken lamp, and I am also pleased and convinced that my poor experience with the previous manager was a one-off and not the level of service this company would typically provide. Also, their visit to my office building for a moving quote was efficient, polite, friendly, and timely. Although the decision of which moving company to use for our business move isn’t up to me (our home office decides this) I am pleased we got an opportunity to get a quote from them and was satisfied with the service.