The crew who helped me move did so with a smile on their face, after working since 7am. They were very hard-working, respectful, and thorough.

I appreciated their positive attitudes, and have always had a great experience with this company – I’ve used their services twice in two years.

Arthur, Eddy, Calvin – thank you for your help!!
the guys were so wonderful. they showed up on time and worked very diligently. they didn’t dawdle around and weren’t even planning on taking a lunch break until i asked them to so i could buy a little time. they wrapped everything very carefully and well since all is going to long term storage. additionally, they took all my trash out to the dumpster without my asking. super workers, all of them. thanks so much.
Arthur, Kevin, and Jordan was the absolute the best. They were the bomb, I truly appreciate their promptness and their conversations. They were the best team I’ve experienced with great attitudes and making clients happy. We laughed hard. This was my first time experiencing a moving company and they were the best. I was so happy with there togetherness, dedication, and hard work. I recommend them to receive a bonus. If I have to move them, I would like the same three guys to come and move me. I felt really comfortable having them in my home and knowing the fact that you can work together as a team and still have fun. I know being in the downtown area made things a little hectic with parking, but they were able to make things work. I really hope they are recognized for bringing hard work, and dedication to the company.  They took great care of all of my belongings with sensitivity and care. I would recommend this company to all those that need to move as long as Arthur, Kevin, and Jordan can be the movers. I’m so appreciative to the three of them for there hard had work.
I was in a pinch and wasn’t ready packing when Northstar showed up but these guys said it wasn’t a problem, jumped in,  and helped out. Full service, great attitude, they have all the supplies you need. Logan, Ron, and Nick saved the day.
Best moving experience! Manny, Alfonso, William, Aguston, James, Eleazor, thank you so much! You guys were professional, clean, great energy, and made moving a heck of alot easier on my family. I will never go to another moving company again. You guys are the best in the business! Thank you a milion times over for your incredible service.
I reviewed Northstar 7 years ago when we first used them for a full pack and move, and I’m reviewing them again because 7 years later they were EVEN BETTER.
Ron Cohen once again was the awesome point of contact, the manager who helped make all of the arrangements for me.
He sent an AWESOME crew, of William P (the leader), Jorge L and Bryant, and those 3 packed us up SO well, and went above and beyond asking us what we still needed or even just mildly preferred to not have packed yet, and they left those things on purpose. This was huge since we have a newborn with many helpful devices we got to keep that last night in our place.
The next day a 4th guy, Reynaldo was added to their crew to finish the pack and then do the move. When ready for moving they sent over a 2nd truck with yet another 3 guys (wow!) and everyone was friendly and carefully asking where we wanted things. Use them!
Northstar moved me twice and stored my stuff in the interim.  Both times they were courteous, clean, professional and efficient.  They were careful with my stuff and with the surroundings.  Ron visited the home and gave a fair not-to-exceed price and the crew actually did the job for less than the quoted price.  Pablo, Jimmy and Deonte were great.  For storage, whenever there was a question customer service was very helpful.  I have recommended NorthStar many times and will continue to do so.
Junior and his team were great. They packed up our things on a Friday, and moved everything on Saturday. They were on time, and always asked me what my preferences were as they did their work. Very kind and professional. They ended up finishing 30 minutes early, so they I ended paying less than the not-to-exceed estimate!
Just finished my 2nd move with NorthStar! Logan, Ron and Nick were super prompt, professional and worked quickly. They called when they were 30 minutes away so I could prep. This move came together in a hurry because I had another company (Clutter – NEVER use them) no show– so I had 3 days to figure out a way to get all my stuff into storage before starting a construction project. NorthStar was able to squeeze me in with my desired window with 2 days advanced notice. The guys were great and very careful and now my stuff is safely in storage. Thanks again!
This is a really great and reliable moving company. Junior, Leungchoi, Jimmy and Eddris went above and beyond in helping our office move! They are a very friendly, efficient and professional team, we really appreciate how carefully they handled all of our items. We definitely recommend this company to anyone who is moving! Thank you NorthStar Team!!