I used NorthStar to move a few days ago. I’ve never had a good experience with a moving company in Los Angeles, but NorthStar was awesome and so I want to give credit where it’s due. NorthStar was actually recommended by several friends, so I crossed my fingers and hired them. Even calling to book the date of the move was easy (so easy that it actually worried me–LOL)—-I called on a Wednesday and my move was scheduled for Monday. They showed up on time and they called 30 mins before they arrived, like they said they would. The head of the 3-person team was Kevin R.—he was incredibly friendly and worked quickly—he also understood how stressful moving day can be for some people (I was nervous about my things being cared for properly and not damaged in the move). I didn’t have a lot of things to move, but what I did have was expensive $$$. They set everything up for me at my destination, took the wrapping off of my belongings, and even disposed of it themselves. When I went to pay I kept waiting for the ‘hidden fees’ but there were none—I paid exactly what I was quoted when I called.

The last time I moved (4 years ago) I used Carole & Jan’s and they were snobby and awful (my belongings arrived safely though). NorthStar is soooo much better! My friends all told me, “NorthStar is expensive, but worth it” and they were right (although I didn’t think they were much more expensive than any other Los Angeles area movers). NorthStar IS worth it.
I won’t need to move again for a while, but I will definitely use NorthStar again!

Moved my Dad’s items from Livermore to Sacramento. Gustavo, Gustine and Rudolph’s were careful with packing and handling of my Dad’s items. Very polite and efficient. Would recommend to anyone!

Luis and his team did a great job on our move within Los Angeles. Prompt, professional, very clear about pricing and materials. Ensured everything was reassembled and unloaded in the correct location. Was very mindful of avoiding walls and protecting the floors! Would absolutely recommend for a similar move!

Great service. Luis and his team take care of my furnitures and deliver their work on time. Highly recommend!

These guys were great. On time, friendly, out of their way, PERFECT!
We moved between cities and had lots of stairs at pick up. No complaints from the crew. Feed them lunch if you can! Pricing was very fair.

All I have to say is worth every single penny. Northstar movers are by far the best movers especially if you’re going through a hard time and don’t wanna move. They made it easy for me. BEST in LA quality, outstanding service outstanding value FAST, efficient and kind. thank you. Recommendations are being sent out to everybody I know that is moving thank you, Luis Ubaldo, and Santos

I’d like to recognize this company for their wonderful work and attention to detail during the moving process.
The team of Isael, Cristobal and Eulalia was efficient and hardworking, very polite and professional.
Scheduling and organizing part was easy.
Thank you everyone who took part in our move.

Isael, Cristobal, Eulalio and Jorge helped move my husbands grandmother move and they were fantastic. They were early, professional, and incredibly efficient. They moved quickly while taking the utmost care of her things which we appreciated so much. Amazing work and excellent value!!

The movers did a great job. On time, organized, polite, and so careful with all of my belongings. Highly recommend! 5 stars

Sammy and the crew were great to work with. Fast and detail oriented. Helped us twice already. Thanks guys!