Review by HOA Culture Consulting

I have used Northstar Moving Company services in a grand capacity over the years, as they became my preferred vendor in a consolidated effort to identify qualified movers, who could deliver service at a 5-star expectation. In 2004, I contacted Northstar when I managed a full service, luxury high rise condominium building with 228 units and was preparing to open a ground up construction highrise at an adjacent lot.

Ram Katlan met with me and took personal interest in what we were doing to create an exceptional moving experience for all new owners who bought multi-million-dollar homes in a prestigious building. My position was initially Director of High Rise Operations in Los Angeles for a management firm, and subsequently VP of High Rise Operations in Northern California.

We walked a path of travel at every location when we opened a new building, from the parking location of the moving vehicle to the freight elevator and to the individual unit. Extra care was required to lay down Masonite over the path of travel and to protect all surfaces and walls during a move, and all items were to be removed at completion. The buildings and processes are unique as many owners move from other states and need relocation/ storage facilities and special services until their units are ready live in and moves can occur. Ram and the Northstar team were confident in their representation of their ability and received rave reviews from the many owners who had the opportunity to engage with and receive their service. The above allowed me to create move-in guidelines that described the path of travel and advised owners of our collective expectations, that is still in use today.

Northstar was our preferred vendor for over 50 vertical buildings I was involved with in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties in Southern California, along with an additional 17 buildings I opened in San Francisco Bay area.

Suffice it to say, Northstar is extremely professional and is still a preferred vendor. They continue to deliver exceptional unsurpassed service from my perspective. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Bruce R., CCAM-Emeritus.HR.CIPresident