Review by Chadbad of Chatsworth

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for your very kind and generous offer to allow Chabad of Chatsworth use of your storage facility for various large items throughout the year at no cost. As you well know Chabad of the Chatsworth is a non-profit organization, offering educational, recreational and cultural opportunities to the community at large. Our social service network is empowered through the kindness and generosity of people such as yourself, businesses and corporations that insure that we are able to continue our vital activities of reaching out, assisting, counseling and inspiring young and old throughout the North Valley areas. Our Sages tell us that the act of Charity is a very great precept (mitzvah) and the joy that accompanies the act is even greater. I know that you now share in our pride for our past accomplishments as well as our concern and untiring commitment for the future. May G-d grant you and yours much continued and ever-growing success in all of your endeavors, coupled with good health, much nachas, joy and prosperity.

With profound gratitude and best wishes, I remain,
Rabbi Yossi Spritzer

2007--december 22--chabad--storage