Review by Kevin Thomas

Credit where credit is due. You people are just the best; from my first contact with you people over the phone I got a great impression of professionalism and courtesy right down the line. 

I want to single out for praise Gil and Angel, who did a perfect job of moving from one place to two different places several antique pieces of some value for their quality but even more for sentimental reasons. Gil and Angel were unfailingly pleasant, courteous, and most important, knowledgeable–in short, they knew what they were doing every step of the way. 

Gil is a great communicator; he knows how to listen. If I’d make a suggestion, he would either agree or explain succinctly and persuasively the reason he wanted to do it in a way he considered better or safer. (I assure you I really didn’t ask that many questions–or need to– but the point is I was really impressed with how he handled himself as well as he moved and packed my furniture!

He and Angel too reflect very well on your company. They were as careful with my stuff as if they have been hired to move Marie Antoinette’s bed out of the Palace of Versailles! I never would have believed the chore of moving furniture could be made to be such a pleasant experience. 

Thanks so much, 
Kevin Thomas

2007--December 10--Kevin Thomas--Local