We’re using NorthStar Moving again. If you’ve been following me for a little bit of time you know that we used them when we moved into the condo and this is the best part we didn’t have to like look for separate storage. So they have a storage facility so basically we’re renting storage from them.[Music] So they’ve already packed up everything upstairs as I showed you and now they’re labeling it so they can move it to the car so this is, I love how they do this because then you know exactly how many items got packed up. [Music] Red carpet treatment, make sure a new floors don’t get damaged.[Music]Thank you Thank you

Here’s what Neghin A. had to say about her move with us:

Well the last 6 months have been crazy but we’re soooooo happy to finally be back home ❤️ shout out to my contractor who listened… & to @NorthStarMoving who packed up my life, stored and kept everything save during the demo & remodel process and moved us back in all so seamlessly. literally took a huge weight off my shoulders and gave me one less thing to worry about during this insane time. you guys are the real mvp’s”

This video has music only, nothing to transcribe, it features highlights from a moving day with @GabrielaBandy
Here’s what Gabriela had to say about her move with us:

Had a successful stress-free move with the help of NorthStar Moving They packed everything for us and stayed with us until we finished! Definitely recommend for your next move.

This video has music only, nothing to transcribe, @cherishing.lifes.sprinkles and her family created a beautiful video of their moving day with us.

Here is what she wrote about her move with us on her Instagram post:

I can’t believe it’s been a week since @northstarmoving moved us into our new home!!! Jezriel and I spent the last week getting everything out of boxes.

It was so exhausting but grateful we didn’t add packing and moving to the mix. We will always utilize professional movers, they are so much more efficient then we can ever be!

It’s an all time NorthStar Moving Company for making this move way less stressful. They take apart your stuff and then put it back together at your new spot. What more could you want?

Here’s what Jordan B. had to say about his move with us:

Hol tight @northstarmoving and the homies crew for the assistance

Unbelievably good. Went out of their way to help make this move pleasurable. Each man was courteous and professional in every way. I would recommend and use them again. Their prices were fare and liveable

The NorthStar team was great! They moved me out of my studio apartment in about an hour and 15 minutes, packing included! I really liked how the labeled my packed boxes (tv, kitchen, living room) to make everything easy to find when I start to unpack. They were very professional and gentle with my furniture, including bringing it up 2 narrow / older flights of stairs at my new place. They were diligent in making sure everything I wanted to come with me made it into the truck, and making sure everything was where I wanted it in my new place. I would definitely recommend the team to a friend for moving. Marvin who led the paperwork and the team was professional and nice to work with.

We moved from Santa Clarita to Agoura hills and it was really easy. The movers came right on time and packed up everything for a “do not exceed” rate meaning we pay for what we were quoted and if we went under the time, we wouldn’t be charged for that extra time even though it was quoted. I think that was the best part and I was always able to call the office to add or remove items/insurance for the move. They offer .60 cents a pound of insurance and I bought extra insurance for the valuable items. The price was fairly reasonable to insure $5000 worth of items. The movers were really kind and there was a lot of traffic, but they called me to let me know what was going on our drive over. I really like that they were responsible with our time. They packed everything really well and we didn’t have anything break on us which was amazing. Really happy! I would definitely recommend them again.
We moved from 7,000 sq. foot house with a lot of furniture. 2nd time I have used Northstar. I would give them 10 out of 5 stars. Moving is traumatic and they quoted me on par with everybody else, sharpened the quote after discussion, were prompt, paid detailed attention, were so personable and friendly (the entire crew) and treated everything with kid gloves, were SUPER efficient and nailed their 4 day schedule of packing, moving and unpacking to the hour. SUPER IMPRESSED and No I didnt get a refund for just writing a fluff piece.!!
We moved from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom condo nearby. In addition to packing our furniture, they also packed up our kitchen. The entire move took about 4.5 hours. The team did a great job! Would work with them again and would recommend to others.
Great long distance moving experience. We moved from SF to Seattle, took 9 days (the window was 2-12 days) with everything delivered (23 items including boxes, mattress and furnitures), nothing broken or missing. Both the pickup and delivery team were very professional and efficient. Every time I called customer service for updates they were very friendly. Thanks for the great service.