Hi my name is Lorri, it’s November 30th 2009, just moved with NorthStar Moving and it was great. Thank you very much.
So it all starts with a phone call when you are deciding which moving company you want to trust your valuable pictures, furniture before the truck comes and all of sudden it’s all gone, all your personal belongings. I absolute made the right choice with NorthStar Moving. From the very beginning to the first phone call, the follow up and the exact time the movers came for picking up my things, they took excellent care, great communication with me and then to let me know that NorthStar Moving was going to come within a one hour window. Everybody from the very beginning has been professional, courteous and polite. You will not be disappointed with NorthStar Moving. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family. You’ll make the right choice.
I think NorthStar Movers are the best. The group of guys I had were amazing. They did an incredible job. They did it in a real short amount of time and I highly recommend them and I hope they win the competition.
Hi this is Alan I just want to let everyone know that NorthStar Moving guys did a great job for me today. They were on time, got everything moved in the house, set everything up went to the second location and dropped off so they did a great job. Thanks.
Hi my name is Teresa we moved down from Oakland to Downtown LA and they were amazing, they did everything, they moved everything around, we changed our minds. They packed everything great, they worked with our schedule. So we were really really happy with the entire service. Thank you.
Hi I just wanted to say thank you to NorthStar Moving, this is Rayn and Jennifer and they helped my daughter move into her new apartment and this is the second time that Jenelle used NorthStar Moving, we are very happy with their service, they are very efficent, courteous, and we would recommend them to anyone who needs a moving job done.
Hey, thanks, because NorthStar Moving did a great job for us. Been moving a lot from LA and even Orange County also the Bay area and they did a great job, the stuff was less expensive than I thought and they were real wonderful, so thanks a lot.


Hi, I am Ron I am moving from Long Beach up to Stockton and I had NorthStar Moving come up move up all my stuff. They came in got everything done quickly and efficently and I was able to move and make my appointment quick and everything worked out well.
I have used Northstar Moving twice now. Both experiences have been well above my expectations. It’s hard to trust strangers to take all of your belongings away on a truck., but I decided to try it out with Northstar and I am very glad that I did. I will always use them whenever I move it the future.

I was moved by Oscar’s crew and then Matt’s crew. Both teams were very good. They were very respectful of my belongings and did a great job in putting everything where I wanted it. They even helped me move around some other furniture that was not even included in the load they were responsible for! 

I found that their pricing was very reasonable. Compared to the cost of renting a truck and the hassle to load, unload and drive that truck over 400 miles (I moved from SoCal to the Bay Area and back again) was well worth it. They would never ask or expect it, but remember tipping is always nice. These guys really deserve it!

Moving can really suck, but Northstar makes moving not so stressful. I mean, how nice is it to sit back and just be the supervisor without all the heavy lifting! And with Northstar you can do it knowing that they are taking the best care for all that you own.

Use Northstar Moving and you won’t regret it!!
We are moving from Orange County to San Jose because of our work and one of her friends told us about NorthStar Moving and we contacted them and it has been a very great experience. Very professional, first time I called, till in the morning everyone come, very professionally packed, it was very nice and we are very happy that everything is the way it is. So 5 stars to NorthStar Moving. Thank you, thank you for the move, it was a pleasure working with you.