BEST MOVING COMPANY EVER!!! In all my years, and with all my moves, they’ve set a new standard when it comes to movers. By chance I learned of North Star Moving Co., and before calling a previous company that did a great job; liked the reviews I read on Yelp, and got an appointment precisely when I wanted it. Great service from the very first phone call to the end of my move. They also made sure all was confirmed the day before.

I had Bobby, Marcus and Victor! AWESOME movers! My back was(is) out! and Bobby, Marcus and Victor all have the most wonderful attitudes, as I pointed out what needed to go. Under normal circumstances, I would have done more with having most in one place; however, they made me feel like I didn’t need to do a thing; making the move seem effortless-that’s a major feat when it comes to moving!!! They took excellent care of my “stuff”, and hardly broke a sweat with my prized solid marble table and base. When unloading, same thing, placing everything exactly where I wanted, moving with efficiency and speed. Not only did they work consistently and steadily, never stopping to break; they strategically placed everything so well to ensure there were no “incidents;” seemingly caring about my property as much as I do. Wonderful to watch.  

GOOD JOB North Star Moving Company! You are on to something from what I’ve now experienced, and read in other reviews. Keep it up, hiring awesome people, willing to provide great customer satisfaction/service, and do what’s required with excellent attitudes! You’ve got some keepers, and I pray they are well compensated so everyone continues to reap the benefits.
D’Aaron and Chris were so great and helpful with my move. They tried everything they could to get my couch into my new apartment before we had to give up on it. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Thanks guys!!
Excellent experience. Was moving from Santa Monica to Hollywood, total move took about 4.5 hours. They originally gave me an arrival window of 12-6, but they called at 11:45 and said they were on their way.

Jose T., Gerardo T., and Ramon R. were very professional and very quick. Managed to find a way to get my behemoth of a couch out of my apartment and up the stairs at my new place. All my expensive stuff (tv, fridge, etc.) made it in one piece.

10/10 would recommend.
Luis R, Sammy, Ricky, and Richard did an excellent job during our move today.
They were all friendly and hard working moving all our stuff into our first home. We have two small boys with plenty of odd shaped kiddie toys and sports gear.  We also have a large number paintings and other art work.  Luis R’s team did a great job by carefully packing and moving all our.  We couldn’t have asked for better movers!
Northstar helped us move in July.  They were on time and totally competent.  They never seemed to get tired.  We had some very heavy furniture that had to be moved upstairs and it was no problem for them. Totally recommend.
I am thoroughly impressed by NorthStar.  Right from the beginning, when I was searching for estimates, they responded to my emails within minutes.  My replies and questions over the course of a few days, again were responded to within minutes of sending.  I got phone calls and follow-up phone calls.  The attention they give you is above and beyond.  The estimate was reasonable and less than most other companies I contacted so I went with NorthStar.

Let me just say Agustin and his team were pretty great.  The were due to show up between 8 and 10 am.  I got a phone call, that they were downstairs at 8:15.  Agustin came in, assessed the situation, had me sign my papers and started bringing things downstairs immediately.  The guys were respectful, courteous and hard-working to say the least.

If you’re worried about oversize or heavy items, I’ll say this, I have a monster of a couch.  It is impossible to move, let alone get through doors, up stairs and around corners.  Those poor guys took a beating moving my couch.  But they never once stopped moving, were professional and friendly.  Everything got to my new place safe and sound and in a timely manner.

They did a great job and I can’t say thanks enough.
Made a move from Orange County to West LA and had 2 men (Omar Mendonza and Angel Hernandez) from Northstar helping to move mainly the large furniture (sofas, bed, and large bookshelf).

They carried the stuff down one flight of stairs from my old place and then up another flight of stairs at the new one. They did a great job, were fast and friendly, and got the whole thing done in just under four hours. They did not waste a minute at all…in fact, they beat us to the destination between the two locations (we stopped for an Sbux). Would totally recommend.
Can highly recommend them from first move with NorthStar Moving Corporation, which did a fantastic job. From phone receptionist to estimator to movers, everyone was very polite, friendly and professional. No razzmatazz or mover gimmicks, just plain solid dependable moving company. This was a short move about 3 miles away, from Mar Vista to Venice.

Estimates and contracts were clear and efficient (emailed). They arrived early allowing us an extra 10 minutes to review the documents. Their estimate was less than what Meathead Movers quoted me, although NorthStar’s estimate on my volume and truck space needed was nearly double the other. (Always read the backside fine print of any moving contact very carefully!)

No money down, easy cancelation policy, and payment by VISA after unloading accepted.

But be ready when the come! The gung-ho movers jumped right in while I was still packing the last boxes, and things started to move faster than I had control over about what went with them and what went with me. However, it was satisfying–if not surprising– to see the wall of boxes it took me weeks to create dismantled and out in minutes.  4 moving men for about 70 boxes, 1000 square ft. 2BR was just right to finish just under 6 hours.

Of course  the very minimum of 1 slightly scraped piece of furniture and a couple scuffs on the wall were normal enough to be expected. (I did acquire additional insurance because I have antique pieces I didn’t want covered standard by the pound.)

The extra wardrobe boxes they brought at no additional charge really help for the last of the clothing and last minute, odd-sized ‘stuff’. I regret that they did charged me an extra $11 for one of their dish pack boxes to pad-pack a leaded glass window, when I had my own large unused cartons laying around they could have used. But no complaints.

The greatest joy of all, was to learn that ‘by chance’ all four of my moving men were faith-filled believing Christians–one who had just gotten saved that morning. Which allowed us to take take when all was said and done to pray for and bless one another.

Great way to start a new home! Hunt around, compare and give NorthStar a try!
Thank you NorthStar you were wonderful. You worked so hard, it was a very difficult move and you did it beautifully. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much.
Hi thank you very much to NorthStar Moving they just moved my apartment today, they were fast and careful with all my possessions and I am very grateful for them. Thank you.