We just moved down to La from Oakland and our movers were glorious. We were informed well in advance when our items would get picked up and they did their job quickly and swiftly with no problems. They take your items, write them on a list -in which we keep- weigh them & wrap them up very well and once they bring it up they will unwrap everything and take all of their trash with them. They came nice and early and did not have any issues bringing all of our items up even with a difficult way to get it through the door of our awkward apartment. Teddys Team was a great help and I would recommend them to everyone. They were humorous, made us comfortable to joke with them. I was holding the gate for them to bring the stuff up the stairs and one of them insisted that he taped the door open so I won’t have to stand there the entire time, I definitely didn’t mind holding it but they really want you to just sit back and relax while they take on all the work. Another plus was that my friend and I were expected to have to put our beds and such together once they finish but when they brought everything up he gladly let us know that they will be setting our house up for us. They kindly asked where everything should go as they brought things and and quickly put everything together. Honestly a great company, very trustworthy and I can tell they love what they do and just want to meet everyone’s satisfaction.

We used their service for a long distance move and would highly recommend them. We have used other movers in past for similar long distance moves and in terms of the overall experience, NORSTAR moving was the best.

They were particular about arriving on time for the pick up. And were very thorough with the packaging and handling ensuring that no items received even a slight scratch.

During delivery too, I had the same professional experience when they unpacked and set up my items at my new home.

We were left highly satisfied with the personal attentional and responsibility taken by the company during the move


I used NorthStar for a move from San Francisco to Kirkland. We had a great experience who gently handled our furniture, the company communicated well with us and they came through when we filed an insurance claim for a couple of damaged items (I recommend getting the more expensive full insurance). These guys are really great for moves across the state. Highly recommended!

My husband and I had a great experience with NorthStar!

We were moving from San Mateo, CA to Winter Park, FL – a big cross-country move from a 2B/2.5Ba townhome to a 3B/2.5Ba townhome (both two-stories) and were not-surprisingly nervous. We packed most of our items (minus furniture) ourselves, but needed help moving. We initially decided to go with NorthStar because of their competitive prices (though not the cheapest) and their great reviews online. We were not disappointed!

Michelle Valencia was the rep who helped us setup the move / get our quote and Julie Traurig was the rep who helped us track our move and confirm everything on the other side. Both were great and responsive!

Below is a timeline of our move (may be helpful for others moving cross-country):

Early December (2019): we called a bunch of places to get quotes. NorthStar setup a virtual appointment to review our place in order to give us their quote estimate – it was fast and easy to setup this virtual appt.

January 4th (2020): movers came right on time (8a) and the three guys worked incredibly fast and were very helpful and good at their jobs. We were nervous as we were flying out that evening, but the move out went without a hitch.

We needed our items shipped to FL by January 24th (as we were heading out of town that day for more than a week). We were very nervous about our items arriving in time, but Michelle and Julie assured us everything would work out – they were right!

January 20th (2020): movers arrived in Florida. A week prior, Julie let us know to expect the movers early the following week. We received a call the day before the movers arrived letting us know the movers would be coming early the next morning. Our three movers on the receiving end were just as good as those in California. They unpacked (and in some cases rebuilt) our furniture super fast and were very helpful in helping us setup our new place. Everything arrived in good condition – nothing was broken!

Initially NorthStar thought we would need a shuttle to unpack the truck in Florida and charged us extra for this. When the movers ultimately arrived and discovered a shuttle wasn’t necessary, NorthStar completely refunded the fee they’d initially charged! They were great about the whole experience.

Moving across the country is such a stressful experience, but NorthStar made everything smooth and (dare I say) easy. I really hope we never have to do another cross-country move, but if we did, we would book NorthStar again without hesitation. Cannot recommend this company enough. Thank you NorthStar!

From the beginning with Michael to the end with Anthony the mover we had an excellent experience moving. We moved from Virginia to Florida and the move was flawless. Everyone was extremely professional and our furniture and boxes were taken great care of. I would definitely use this company for any future moves.

I initially chose this moving company last year to help move my father from one Assisted living facility to another and I was extremely impressed with their competence, timeliness, and friendly demeanor. So, I called them again for my major move out of the house I’d been living in for 10 years and into a new home. Once again, they were spot on! They completely reduced my anxiety and stress, they didn’t make me feel like my objects were a hassle to move and they continually checked in with me to see how I was feeling! I would DEFINITELY recommend this company to anyone moving, whether it’s a large job or a small one, they make sure it gets done right!!!

We had a long distance move from Los Angeles to Austin Texas and NorthStar was able to help with a last minute change when another mover tried to double their quote. They showed up next day on time, were friendly and professional and moved our goods to Austin without a hitch. Will definitely use them again!

I am way way way way overdue on this review, but wanted to get this out the door before I run out of even more time.


These were the movers that helped move our stuff from Fullerton, CA to Hillsboro, OR. They were super super helpful, friendly, and surprisingly, FAST!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying movers are generally slow, but it’s circumstantial: My pick up location in Fullerton is on the 4th floor and the elevator is slow as all-hell going up and down.

Meanwhile, my drop-off location in Hillsboro OR where I currently live has stairs. TWO FLIGHTS of stairs, cuz it’s a townhome and all.

But let’s focus on the pickup location for a sec.

So the movers gave me a courtesy call 24 hours in advance to let me know they would arrive between 8 and 11 AM the following day.

Came the moving day and they showed up within that time frame as initially promised. I gave Arthur a tour of the premises, handed him my keys, and told him I would not be around because I needed to catch a plane. Long story, I got massively screwed by a different moving company, and Northstar was there to help me out. So, thank you very much there.

Anyway, while I was at the airport a few mere hours later, Arthur gave me a call and wanted to FaceTime me to show me his team’s work (and of course to reassure me that things were going well). I however do not own an iPhone, so FaceTime was out of the picture, no pun intended. I just trusted them.

That trust paid off.

The delivery team that dropped off my household goods in Hillsboro OR a few days ago brought everything with little to zero damage, and they were literally in and out in under 2 hours. And they delivered in the rain, SUPER kudos to them!

But wait, there’s more. When the goods arrived, I noticed that some things that I had packed myself were repacked. I looked suspiciously; I didn’t remember wrapping up my TV in five blankets, but Northstar certainly did! I guess they unwrapped my flimsy one-blanket and re-covered it with five total blankets to really ensure that the TV would not break during transit… Same thing with my bar stools and glass coffee table and such. I’m telling ya, Northstar is thorough as fuck.

So in short, these movers are worth it. If you get a lower quote elsewhere, keep in mind, you get what you pay for. I tried moving with a different company that offered half the amount NorthStar quoted me at, and they completely ghosted me on the day of the move. NorthStar is worth your time and money. Trust me.

I liked NorthStar so much the first time, I used them again! This time, I’m moving cross-country (BERKtoBKLYN) and wanted to entrust my life with a company I’ve worked with before.

NorthStar made my life significantly easier, including packing up our whole damn apartment when I ran out of time to do it myself (what? When you work 16 hours a day and someone you know says, “So, have you started packing for your big move?” the only appropriate response is to both laugh at them and also cry.)

Edgar and his team were kind, patient, and professional. And did I mention that they actually packed up my whole apartment in a matter of hours?

As I mentioned in my first review, it isn’t cheap. But also, you should probably expect that a white glove moving service is pretty damn extravagantly priced (I legit sat in my car doing a crossword while they worked, feeling increasingly guilty that I had ruined their day by leaving my apartment in disrepair). But if you can get it together to pack ahead of time (to which I will call you a show off), and even if you can’t, they are very transparent about costs and it’s totally worth it for peace of mind. I mean look: I moved today, and I didn’t even cry once!

Edgar and his team called me in advance that they were arriving. This worked out great as it gave enough time to be ready with my move. They were on time as Edgar had mentioned.

Although I had packed all the boxes/ items to be moved, I was pleasantly surprised that the move was so swift! Edgar was very clear about the moving process and him and his team were extremely efficient the entire time. I really appreciated all the help with the move as it would have been extremely challenging for me to handle this all by myself!

I would definitely request this same team anytime I have to move in the future!

Thank you Edgar and team ! Thank you Northstar!