Great move from LA to SF. Movers were friendly and efficient. They came up, wrapped all furniture  with blankets, shrink and love. Very professional move. I would totally recommend them to my family and friends. Once I get to SF, I will spread the word. This company is great. If I do move again, I will definitely use North Star as my moving company.
I just moved from LA to Houston, TX.  I’m very happy with NorthStar and would use them again.  I priced out about 3 moving companies and they were the least expensive.  The price did go up after I had an in-person estimator come to see my home.  Their price however was still cheaper than the others and this branch of NorthStar get excellent reviews.  The estimator, the representatives on the phone and the movers were all very efficient and professional.  

The only criticism I have is this tip that I give to anyone moving and wanting to save money.  They charged me for 2 chairs when the chairs were stackable and only took up space of 1 chair.  I felt that they could have lowered my price a little for things like this.  I didn’t know they’d be wrapped up into 1 chair until moving day.  The in-home estimator gives you a price for the move.  You have to tell them 4 days BEFORE the move if you are adding or removing any items.  After that deadline, they will NOT lower the price if you take away any items.  So when the in-home estimator comes, have that in mind.

The movers were all very efficient, hard working, and made sure not to scratch or dent anything at my new home.  These are hard working people doing back breaking work!  I always tip them $20 per person.  (Gone are the days in college when you’d tip friends with pizza, ha ha!)

Great customer service prior to pick up, and pick up crew were nice, professional and understanding of unique situations. All shook hands and introduced themselves when they arrived. Pretty cool group.

The guys at Northstar were first rate, on time, and very professional. I would definitely use these folks services again.

This is the best moving company we’ve ever used. The guys showed up on time and ready to go. The team was super professional and Logan runs a very efficient operation. They handled our furniture with care and wrapped up a few larger painting/prints we had expertly. They finished faster than expected, which was great. Would highly recommend and use again in the future!

I called them on Saturday and they scheduled the move for the day I requested within 15 minutes. All the information the representative provided me over the phone was accurate. They showed up on time and delivered the furniture perfectly. Highly recommended!!
I used them to move from LA to San Jose. From San Jose to San Francisco. And back to LA. All over about a six year period. My dealings with the folks on the phone were all standard, nothing special.

The guys who came on both ends of the move all three times were fantastic. Friendly, engaging, hard working and efficient. They’re the reason I don’t shop around for another company. I always buy them lunch and soft drinks and tip generously. They always take care of me very well.
Moving sucks right? Not if you let the professionals do it! I’ve used NorthStar before and I will continue to recommend them after my recent move! Fast, extremely reasonably priced, and expert and attentive service. Their packing rates are quite good too. We moved a 3 bedroom house in less than 6 hours when other movers were quoting 6-8! Plus I managed to get a move 48hrs after calling – short notice was not an issue. 

Recommend without reservation – they are well worth it.
They did an awesome job! AND were the most affordable company we got a quote from. Roger, Jose and Tony were fast professional, and very careful with our furniture, walls, and floors. We hired them on the recommendation of friends who also had a great experience. We had two pickup locations on the way to our new place, which they handled smoothly — even though I live on a narrow street and they had to park around the corner. I was grateful that they brought moving blankets, extra tape, and boxes. They also helped us get everything situated in our new place. Would highly recommend!
I had a good experience with Northstar with a local move several years ago, so I decided to hire Northstar again for my move across country from LA. My move started off rocky in LA, and ended with several issues, problems and challenges. After my move was completed I confronted the driver on several of these issues only to be left extremely frustrated and seeing that the conversation with the driver is not going anywhere.

Good news: I decided to call Northstar to bring up a lot of the issues that came up during my move and my conversation with the the driver. They listened and helped me work through all of the major issues I encountered during my move.

If I could give advise to anyone who encountered problems during their move: Call Northstar directly to let them know what happened and what’s going on. As long as it’s logical and makes sense, they’ll listen and try their best to help you out.