I would like to express my appreciation for the quality of service I received at the hands of the moving team that assisted me. All of your movers were skillful, courteous, and efficient. I appreciate that they arrived at both destinations on time and quickly set about the task at hand, without complaint or delay, and the thoughtful questions they asked regarding my preferences.. 
I especially appreciate the driver, Barry (sp) and Ron (sp) for handling both ends of the move with patience and courtesy, as well as, Barry’s judgment to trust my personal check in the context of the inconvenience that the bank’s policies were causing with my new credit card. 

As you promised, it was a great moving experience. 

Peggy Winston

2007--January 31--Peggy Winston--Intrastate-2

I would like to start off by saying” Thank You” to every one over at Northstar Moving Corp. I am so happy that I have finally found a moving company that I can rely on to do the job without any worries. Unfortunately, it has not always been this easy for me to recommend a moving company. I am sure we all have had bad experiences .with movers, and that is what make’s calling Northstar an easy decision. I as well as several of our tenants will continue to recommend this company not only for their great service as movers, but for the great work their office staff does from the Owner who makes sure everyone is satisfied to the Sales staff who will help structure your moving needs.

Thanks again,
Mike Berrios
Historic Gas Co. Lofts

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

I wanted to send a note of thanks. I recently shipped a few items of great personal value from San Francisco to Austin, Tx. I have used the same moving company for over 10 years for local moves and felt this was a good time to branch out and seek a different company. When I used the internet I thought my choices seemed responsible and legitimate. After signing off on the move I later found out that many internet based movers are absolutely terrible crooks. Needless to say I became concerned that I had been scammed. 

Well, let me pass on that you are the real deal and a very good one at that. The help I received from Bell and Mike int he offices was timely and professional. The care and treatment of the furniture were excellently handled and protected. Your quotes were fair and reasonable and indeed you did get my furniture to the location in Texas within the time window you state on your contract. 

I received a call today from the receiver in Texas and we are both very happy with the results. I look forward to calling again for a future move and doing business with your company again. 

Traci Teraoka
Healing Environments

2006--December 12--Traci Teraoka--Local-2

Thank you for the excellent job your company provided with our move June 27th. Everything was prompt and orderly,  your workers did a great job. Everything was perfect. Nothing was broken. We appreciate  your effort and hard work. Keep up the good work. May god bless and prosper your business and protect your workers from harms way.

Thank you,

Eddie & Cheron Buggs

Eddie Buggs

Thank you for your assistance in this our 9th move with your company. Your personal attention gives us confidence that our property will be well taken care of whether it is one of our personal relocations or an office relocation. Keep up the good work.

Jimi Reed
Vice President
Celebration Photography, Inc.  

Recommendation Letter from Celebration Photography

Please accept this letter of appreciation to you and your staff for your professionalism and courtesy during my move to Las Vegas earlier this year. 

While moving can be one of the most stressful “adventures”  someone can go through, my experience with your folks made it very easy. Throughout the process – the initial call, the scheduling of the pick-up, the packing and loading, the quick delivery of our furniture – I was extremely pleased with the high level of service and attentiveness your people gave me. All of our items arrived intact and the courtesy of your drivers (both at pick-up and delivery) was tremendous. 

I would highly recommend to anyone planning to move to work with you.

Thanks again for your help! Best regards,

Rob Winston

2006--September 22--Rob Winston--Local

I would like to personally thank Gadi Avigzer and the NorthStar moving team, for another successful and stress free moving experience.

I have had the pleasure of moving with Gadi and the NorthStar team 3 times in the last 6 years, and I believe it is true what they say, “Three times is a charm”.

This particular move was a bit more challenging for me, as we were moving two separate households and combining them into one home. I was particularly stressed out with the timing of the two moves as well as the reconstruction that is currently taking place in the new property.

Gadi assured me that the team could work around any obstacle, and would provide excellent service and care with our property.

The team, headed by Nick, was once again above and beyond my expectations. The team arrived on time, moved quickly, efficiently, and never once caused alarm as they moved expensive furniture and equipment. The team was courteous and friendly, but kept focused on the job and finished well under the time allotted on both moves.

At the end of the move, I once again thought to myself “ah, another stress free move with Gadi and his team!”. Amazing! Who has a stress free move? I do!

Thank you Gadi and the NorthStar moving team! As always, you have my highest recommendation!

Diane M. Reichenberger

CEO Dualstar Entertainment Group
3760 Robertson Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

2006--August 22--Diane Reichenberger--Local

You have impressed us three times in a row now. Our collective experience with NorthStar Proves how much you value relationship. Your company is one of integrity, meaning the employees live out the kind of service you espouse. You are genuine. You work with utmost vigilance to protect our property. Your concern equals our care for our furniture and walls, where the faintest nick is completely unacceptable. You work efficiently, completing all three jobs at or below the estimated cost. It’s a great felling when it comes time to write you a check and the total is two hundred dollars less then the initial quote. You are patient, as we are very particular, deliberating in order to find the perfect spot for each piece of furniture. You heard “how about here…no, how bout there” over and over, yet your positive attitude never wavered.

We want people to understand the level of excellence they will receive when hiring you. We hope your clients treat you with the same kindness and respect that you freely give.

Tommy Allegood and Jennifer York

2006--August 6--Tommy Allegood and Jennifer York-Local

I just had my move today and I wanted to let you know how well it went. I have done a lot of moving and I have never had such a great crew. They were so efficient and still friendly and cooperative. I had a small move but I felt like I got VIP treatment. 

Please pass along my satisfaction to whoever schedules these two great guys. I have also told several friends that your company is my recommendation if they need to move in the future. Thanks again for your assistance in setting up my move. 

Michelle Bean

2006--July 20--Michelle Bean--Local