Ok, I want to thank everyone from NorthStar Moving for a great job that they have done moving everything into our new home. They’ve done a fine job and very very careful and very through and a quick job so we thank you very much.
I have been a customer of Northstar four times and have been a repeat customer because of their customer service, attention to detail, their reliability, and most of all their staff. This has included intra-state moving and across country moves. While many of my friends complain about their movers being late or keeping them waiting all day, Northstar is ON TIME – and in fact, sometimes even early!   This week was my most recent move had the Team leader/foreman – Guy Hacyma along with Ricardo and Jose who were superb.  They handled both my pick up and delivery and this move was smooth going from beginning to end.  Ran and Andre in the SFV headquarters were excellent at making the arrangements and communicating and made my move happen on time.  

Without a doubt, I would recommend Northstar, Guy, Ran, Andre and the entire team – you will be very thankful you did. Moving and relocating is already a stress-filled experience.  I depend upon professionals to deliver on their promises and make things go as smoothly as possible.  Northstar did just that – once again
Thank you NorthStar Moving, Thank you, NorthStar Moving, for moving his stuff so well. Did it half the time of the move than the movers last time, much better.
Thank you, NorthStar Moving. Thanks to Joel and his group. Went really smoothly and appreciate all their time and effort and handling all my artwork. Look like it was all packed beautifully and very competently. Looking forward to seeing it when I get back to Santa Fe. Thank you, it was really great. Thanks.
Hi my name is Art and live in Las Vegas, Nevada, just moving here from Los Angeles. I had a home in Los Angeles. I had the moving company, NorthStar Moving move for me and they did a great job, an incredible job, in fact my wife has been commenting on all morning on what kind of great packing job they did and far as the unloading goes with Noel, Jesus and Rodolfo, it was just great. Truly in a scale to one to ten as I was talking to Noel, he said did we do a good job? And I said to a scale to one to ten, you did an eleven and I mean that with great sincerity. So I couldn’t ask for more and I guess the more I can ask for is that the next time I move, I am using these folks. I hope that you have as good an experience as I’ve had. Thank you.
I have lived in 5 states in 10 years so I move a lot.  I relocated from the heart of LA to Sherman Oaks, CA today and I read ALL of the reviews beforehand.  I have to say that this was the GREATEST experience I’ve ever had with a mover and I’ll tell you why:
First, Ben, the guy who gave me an  estimate arrived to my home ON TIME and was patient and friendly.  He gave me an accurate account of the cost.  The company emailed me and called me to confirm TWICE.  I was given an arrival time of 8am-10am on a SATURDAY at the END of the month which is prime time in the summer.  The crew, with Joel and his three guys arrived at 8:08 with a pleasant, reassuring manner and these guys got to work and didn’t stop until we were done.  Two potentially sad moments were (1) the refrigerator that wouldn’t fit into the kitchen (because of a design issue with the countertops) and (2) the couch that wouldn’t fit in the elevator.  He took my couch up three flights of stairs.  Joel and his crew MADE IT HAPPEN and I was sooooo happy because many other people would have quit.  I have to tell you, nothing got broken and they were very professional.  I plan to use them again SOON as I overpacked and will need to put some stuff in storage now.  Hey Northstar…do you discount for happy repeat customers?  This is my first yelp review and I’ve been a member for about 6 months I think.  I cannot say how happy I am.
Hi my name is Mary and I just want to say how incredibly satisfied I am, especially with Joel  and his team. Who have moved me, they have the best personality moving, a lot of people can’t  do the moving, their job is impeccable, but more importantly their personality is unbelievable  this is the second time I moved with them and I would recommend them to everyone and anyone and if I ever move again, I want Joel to come and help me. So that’s it. I am one very very happy customer.
A few weeks ago, I used NorthStar to move from a one bedroom apartment to a single-family house. I was very pleased with Omar’s crew (three movers total). The crew was courteous, knowledgeable and most of all, very efficient. The move went fast and went off without a hitch. 

They expertly wrapped up our furniture and our LCD TV with the utmost care and detail. As a result, there were no broken items and above all, no drama. 

I will definitely hire NorthStar for my next move.

My wife and I moved from our apartment to a condominium on the last Sunday in April.  After reading the mainly positive reviews about NorthStar and comparing them to other moving companies, we decided to contact them.  From beginning to end, their customer service was very good (and that’s coming from a Human Resources Professional).  I spoke with Donna and made all the arrangements regarding our move.  Donna was very pleasant and patient as I confirmed things with my wife.  She even offered to give us a small discount on the price when I mentioned where we heard about the company.  The e-mail confirmation was prompt and easy-to-follow with all the special arrangements (including the discount) highlighted for reference.
    On the day before the move, David called me to confirm what time the movers would arrive and all the particulars.
    On the day of the move, the movers were scheduled to arrive between 8 and 10am.  They pulled up at 8:30am.  Joel and his crew came in and went over the particulars with me on the invoice and answered my immediate questions.  Even though my wife and I had packed many of our smaller belongings already, I was impressed at Joel’s efficiency.  They were finished loading the truck in less than 2 hours.  When we arrived at the condo, they went right to work unloading boxes and furniture, always with a pleasant attitude and accommodating our requests to put things in certain places.  After everything was unloaded, they finished in just under 5 hours and Joel went over all the calculations of the time and products used.  
My wife and I were incredibly pleased from beginning to end with the service we were provided.  No possessions were damaged, the demeanor of Donna, David, and Joel and his crew was great, and we got exactly what we were told we would get.  I was more than happy to write this review and would recommend NorthStar in the future.  I would just remind people that moving can be a complex task and it’s very important to go over every particular with the company beforehand in order to minimize the surprises, maximize the peace of mind, and come away with as pleasant of an experience as possible.

I hired the services of NorthStar to move my 2 BR house.  Had several heavy items. The 4 man crew lead by Joel arrived on time and thoroughly wrapped and protected all sensitive items quickly and efficiently.

On the receiving end, the crew took note of recently installed hardwood floors, and w/ out me making a big deal about it, they took great pains not to scratch or damage the new surface. 

I had one heavy piece that was a particular challenge to place.  They cheerfully worked w/ me to place the item in a tricky spot, never forgetting to mind the floor.

The unexpected level of professionalism and cooperation made the whole deal a very positive experience and  I would not hesitate to use their services again.