All 3 movers were professional. They were also friendly and accommodating. Their furniture wraps were on point. There was no miscommunication about the move. All items were asked for proper placement. It did take a while, but special care was taken with each piece of furniture. I would recommend this company.

They guys that helped us move where very friendly. They where punctual and mover quickly to get everything done. We have where pretty prepared with boxes and bag just a few things that we hadn’t decided if they where coming with us. They waiting patiently which we decided and helped us break things down that we where no longer going to need. Complaints quick easy and convenient.

George, Oscar and Andy were very quick and careful with everything. They made moving a breeze! Will definitely be using NorthStar again in the future.

Incredible company! You might have read my bad review of this company that I left 3 days ago because my package got lost and there was a misunderstanding in terms of the investigation. But, soon after, when WENDY contacted me and started her investigation, she found it within few hours! Remarkable! She put the image of the company at risk by calling all of the customers who had deliveries before mine to find out if they possibly had my package. And guess what, one of the customers did have my package! 

As with any big move, there is always a risk of misplacement of a little box, no matter what company you hire. But, its good to remember our own mistakes at work and realize that those people delivering our things are just as human, meaning that they have the same capability to make mistakes. 

So, rather than judging a company based on its mistakes, its better to judge it by HOW it resolves them. For it is easy to stay friendly and helpful when there are no issues, no mistakes. But, NorthStar moving is even MORE efficient, helpful and caring when mistakes do occur. I felt like my situation was truly their priority and now that i’ve had this “bad” turned good experience, I can say that I trust this company 100%! No matter what happens, they WILL resolve it.

As you can see, each bad review of this company has a response that exemplifies mistakes being in process of being fixed. That’s in no way fallacious. It’s rather a tiny glimpse into the true care that this company provides to all its costumers. After all, we never know the true story of one’s situation. I almost forgot to delete my bad review after things were quickly resolved, for instance!

But, I believe that incredible work should be recognized and rewarded. This moving company is the best and I recommend it to anyone!

Also, if she already does not, Wendy should be running this whole company. What a truly caring and intelligent person she is!

Love these movers. I’ve used them 3 times and have never had a problem. Great and reliable!

Everyone was super prompt, friendly, and handled everything with care. This was my first long distance move and they made me feel super comfortable throughout the entire experience. The movers who helped me out were Karan, Lloyd, Art, and Omar.
They were on time, super friendly and it was seemless!  Best in town for sure.  We have used them for several moves in the past 2 years and had them store some items as well.  All was handled so beautifully.

I was very pleased with my move. My furniture was going into storage and I was impressed with how thoroughly protected everything was. Junior, William and Renaldo were very efficient and professional.

The guys were extremely professional and punctual for my move. The entire crew kept the same pace throughout the entire long almost 9.5 hour day. I would definitely want to book the ALL-STAR CREW again!
A company that takes pride in their work with great customer service, who will do almost anything to make you happy with your move