Dear Ladies/ Gentlemen:

This note is a little late, but I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent move (and storage) which I had with your company. 

I moved out of my house in Los Angeles on Dec. 17th and moved into my new house in Palm Desert on February 1st. On both ends of the move, the guys were extremely helpful, professional, and efficient. They were wonderful to work with. And there were no problems at all with the storage. 

It is also a tribute to the movers and your company that not one single item in the approx. 8,000 lbs. I had was broken or marred! 

Again, my thanks to everyone! 


Bill Peters

2001--March 21--Bill Peters--local

Dear, Ram

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to you and your team at North Star! I recently was moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco at the recommendation of Jeanmarie Smith. She had told me that I would receive excellent service, but that is an understatement. 

My experience began with you and our discussion on the phone. You were extremely courteous, and explained the steps you would take to evaluate and quote a price for my move. A date was set and Mr. Gadi Avigzer was assigned to the meeting. Mr. Avigzer was not only thorough, I found him to be kind, courteous and sensitive to my concerns. Moving is never an easy process  but Gadi assured me that I would have a smile on my face the day I was moved out of my home in L.A. and also on the day I was moved into my home in S.F. He was right! 

I must tell you that I, of course, I received other quotes. Although yours was higher by almost $1000.00, you were also going to provide a service level that warranted the extra cost. I chose your company not only because of the superior customer service, but also because of the way that you would pack and handle the contents. 

My situation was unique for me. I was moving a fully furnished two-bedroom home into a fully furnished two-bedroom home. My husband and i have had separate residences and so we not only were going to have your team move our contents into the house, but also assist us with moving some contents from the SF home into our basement. 

Your packing team was also very efficient and kind. Their care with my contents and with me was exceptional. The loading and unloading appeared to be seamless  despite the great number of stairs that they had to navigate. 

I know that this is probably an every day story for you. I, on the other hand, was new to the moving game, and had very specific expectations and requirements. Gadi and your moving team made the experience very positive. 

I am now settled in my new home and want to thank all of you at North Star for making my move successful and painless! 

I will surely contact you again for future moves and will also be happy to recommend you to any one I know!

Best regards, 

Diane M. Reichenberger

2001--January 8--Diane Reichenberger--local

Just a note to say how pleased Margaret and I were with your services. From our first move into storage from Sherman Oaks, and then the final move to Thousand Oaks, we were most impressed with the efficiency, work ethic, and dependability that your people gave to us. It was truly professional. Your crew were courteous and well mannered and Barok, your team leader, made everything move in a precision like manner. Everything your office said would be done, was as presented. It is refreshing in today’s world of mediocrity, that we could find a company that still strives for excellence. Thanks to you and all your staff.

Lee & Associates – Los Angeles North, INC.
A Member of the Lee & Associates Group of Companies
Jack Schlaifer
Vice President

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

I am writing this letter to let you know that you have a group of employees who are absolutely outstanding. Starting with the first person we spoke to who arranged our move, through the men sent to do the actual moving, all we were exemplary. I believe their names are Eric Aldana, Jose, Offik, and one other Israeli man. 

Recently my wife and I had occasion to use your moving and storage facilities; moving from two homes, one in Agoura hills, and one other in Granada Hills. 

The group of men who packed and delivered our goods were wonderful. They were absolutely professional in the way they handled our possessions, wrapping everything so very carefully that we did not have one item broken. 

We had two households filled with many years of belongings which had to be moved to our new home in Carpinteria. Two truckloads of furniture and personal belongings had to be unloaded. The men you sent did it in a minimal amount of time, putting everything exactly where we asked them to, with NO COMPLAINTS. They worked continuously from the time they arrived until the job was done. The only break they took at all was a few minutes which I insisted upon, for them to have a quick lunch. Other than that, they never ceased to work hard and fast. 

 Both my wife and I were impressed, not only with their ability to do all the things that was necessary to get the move done, but especially with their attitude. Not one complaint; not one gripe; nothing but absolute professionalism. 

My wife and I wish to commend those men for the very fine job they did for us. 

Although it will probably never happen, should we ever decide to make another move, I promise that your company will be the one getting our business, and this is because of the fine group of men you sent to take care of us. 

Thank you very much. 

Respectfully yours, 
William G. Cross Sr. 

1996--June 13--William G. Cross Sr. --local

Dear Ram: 

On the above referenced date, your crew, under the direction of Eitan Aizenshtein, prepared my furniture for short term storage. I have never seen such care, and attention go into the preparation of furniture for storage, and it as done exactly as shown in your “Insider’s Guide” pamphlet.

Your crew worked steadily and everything was wrapped, padded and loaded onto your truck in a timely manner. It was a very hot day, but the men kept working until the job was finished. I anticipated the return from storage will be handled in the same professional manner. 

Thank you for making an unpleasant necessity easy; just as you said you would. I will be glad to refer you to anyone I hear of in need of movers. 

Tersa L. Rudow

1995--August 24--Tersa Rudow--local