Review by American Cancer Society

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful and professional service that we received from every employee at your company that assisted us with our very large and complicated office space reduction move.

It all began when I called your company several weeks ago to see if someone could come out and give us a quote for the project and that is when I met Ilan Dahan. I was so very impressed with his professional behavior and knowledge for what our needs were and he really seemed to care about what our organization was about and showed compassion for our mission. Compared to the other moving companies that we received bids from, llan took the time to visit us yet again and do an even more thorough walk through of our entire office to ensure that nothing was overlooked. Myself and my direct supervisor were even further impressed when we received the detailed quote which listed absolutely everything! It really showed us what your company was all about. When I spoke to you and llan over the phone, you both showed so much compassion and were so dedicated to helping us that I knew we had to use you for our project. It wasn’t just about saving money – it was about really making that connection and knowing that you weren’t just going to come and “move” our stuff around but really take the time to listen and help us with what we needed.

When the project started, myself and my department were so nervous because we knew the magnitude of this project and didn’t really know what to expect, but as soon as we met Nick and his crew, we were almost immediately at ease. They were all such a pleasure to work with and although we had them move some things around a couple of times, they never complained, not once. They were all so nice about everything and not to mention fast llan mentioned that they were fast but this was just ridiculously fast, which I completely appreciated.

I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to once again express my gratitude and appreciation and to thank you for understanding that we are a not-for-profit organization that needs every penny we raise to offer free programs and services to cancer patients and their families. I will absolutely keep you in mind for any future projects no matter how big or how small and will let our other units know as well.

I wish nothing but well wishes and prosperity to you and your employees during this holiday season!

With my most sincere thanks,

Julie Avina

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter