I would 100% recommend this company. I had a difficult move to do for my boss’s office in a film studio lot, which added extra requirements from a 3rd party mover due to COVID-19. A lot of companies were not able to meet their requirements, but Lotem at NorthStar was super understanding and helped me get the paperwork the lot was requesting. I was honestly searching for weeks for a mover before NorthStar came around… and thank god they did! They also were SUPER FAST and EFFICIENT. I thought the move would be an all day/laborious ordeal…. but the whole process was so smooth, easy, and only took a couple hours. Great company and workers!

The guys did a great job. I moved from a studio office / loft downtown into a storage unit in Culver City and it went perfectly. I had a bunch of heavy tables and furniture, but also some expensive computers, TVs and artwork. It was all wrapped up safely and quickly. The best part was that they figured out how to fit my whole office into a 10×10 storage unit – I wasn’t sure it was possible. Highly recommend and I’ll use them again.

Thank you for believing that INCLUSION MATTERS! NorthStar Moving’s support of our 22nd Annual Run, Walk & Roll allows us to create dignity, joy and friendship between children of all abilities. This rare and invaluable gift impacts children with disabilities in ways that are critical to their lives.

Thank you for supporting our organization the past two years!! You “move us” literally and figuratively!

Wilfredo and his team were a pleasure–fast, friendly, and accurate. I booked a commercial move for my employer with nearly 2000 cartons that needed to stay organized, and NorthStar not only executed perfectly, but they finished early as well. The team really did follow our shelving floor plan down to the inch. The space looks great and my supervisor was pleased that we came in under budget.

We also had an excellent experience with the project manager Gil who came out beforehand and helped us to plan the time and labor that would be involved in the move. That on-site estimate was definitely the moment the project began to feel “doable.”

Overall this move went very smoothly. Highly recommended.

Dear Carrie,

Edna Brewer Middle School would like to thank NorthStar Moving for their partnership with the Global Climate Action Summit and for donating their moving services to transfer items from the Moscone Center to Oakland after the event.

NorthStar Moving managed the delivery of the donation of over 4,000 sq. ft. of carpet and other materials to several Oakland area middle schools in order for them to perform upgrades to their facilities. As part of the overall sustainability plan for the Summit, these items were part of the post-event donation of materials to local schools. This donation would not have been made possible without the generous efforts of NorthStar Moving Company!

NorthStar’s excellent service was integral to the successful repurposing of these materials and we are grateful for their support of the Summit’s sustainability initiatives.

Aubrey Layne

Scan of a thank you letter to NorthStar Moving

On behalf of everyone here at Shane’s Inspiration, especially the children we serve, thank you to everyone at NorthStar Moving Co. for your help with our 21st Annual Run, Walk & Roll. Your crew was Awesome!!  Jorge was great about communicating with us both days and the team was super helpful setting up and breaking down our event. When they packed our event supplies into the truck, we laughed because what took them 20 minutes usually takes us 2 hours!!

Thanks to the support of businesses like yours, we look forward to manifesting all of these accomplishments in the coming year:

  • 4 New Inclusive Playgrounds, in Davenport , IA, Lewiston, ME, Glendale, CA and Malibu, CA, bringing our total to 72! 

  • Project Development in New York, Ecuador, Armenia and South Africa!!

  • High Profile projects with Carnegie Hall, Sesame Street and the Fred Rogers Center

  • Worldwide Expansion of the Together, We Are Able Education Program!

And most importantly……Children across the globe will experience the multitude of life changing gifts brought through the Magic of Play! We hope to have the opportunity to keep partnering with NorthStar Moving Co. in the future!

With Gratitude,

Tiffany Harris

Marci Moran
SVP, Outreach & Events

 Thank You to EVERYONE at NorthStar!

Thank you letter from Shane's Inspiration to NorthStar Moving


A thank you card from Shane's Inspiration to NorthStar Moving

A thank you card from Shane's Inspiration to NorthStar Moving




Dear Carrie,

The Women In Green Forum team would like to personally thank NorthStar Moving
for their partnership with the 2018 Forum.

NorthStar Moving facilitated the pick-up and drop-off of a stationary bike set that we
provided for our attendees. We’ve received feedback from multiple attendees that
greatly enjoyed being able to hop on a stationary bike while sitting in on one of the
sessions. This experience would not have been made possible without the generous
efforts of NorthStar Moving Company!

NorthStar’s excellent service was integral to the event’s success and I hope to work
with them on other productions in the future.

Miranda Goss, Project Coordinator

A  thank you ltte from the Women in Green Forum to NorthStar Moving

Edgar & crew were the best! Moved everything quickly and efficiently, and we’re very nice guys.

We hired NorthStar Movers to move our office of approximately 20 employees. Our experience was great from the start. They were quick to respond to our inquiry. Gil came out and gave us an estimate for our move. He was quick, efficient, and had answers to all of our questions. He was also quick to respond to anything we needed in follow-up emails. We ended up needing to change our moving date, and customer support helped us without any issue.

On the day of the move, the team that showed up was excellent. Jesus, Wilber, Miguel, Emmanuel, and Abraham were confident, hard-working, efficient, and well-mannered. They worked very well together and managed a complicated move with wonderful attitudes. They disassembled and reassembled three four-desk units, carried a heavy conference table top up two flights of stairs, and wrapped all our our delicate furniture and computer monitors to keep them protected, among other things.

I am confident these guys can do any moving job and I will definitely hire them again. Thank you for a great experience!