Review by Constance S.


Hi. My name is Connie and I hired NorthStar for my move today. Dave came out to my house. I had seen their five star on Yelp and I thought I’ll get a recommendation from them and see what they would charge and what they would do. It was wonderful. Dave was fantastic. He told me everything that was going to be done and how it was going to be done. Well, they called me this week and told me exactly what time they would be there, and they arrived right on time. The gentleman were wonderful. Everything was moved to perfection. They told me exactly what kind of guess and how long it would take, and they were just shy of one hour. I’m doing this and it was great. Sometimes where we placed some of the furniture, I had to ask them to move it. They were so kind, did it without any problems. They even helped put my Christmas tree up. So a week ahead of time, I can’t say how wonderful they are. Please, if you’re considering a move in Texas Hire NorthStar, I have no affiliation with them, but they are really great and I love these guys. They were terrific. Thank you, NorthStar and thank you for all of you helping me out today. I am alone and I had no help to help me except the young gentleman from NorthStar. Thank you. Have a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Thank you.