Review by Heather B.

Dear Ram, 

Recently, 10 days ago on Saturday July 5, 1997 my husband Martin and I (Heather) hired your company to help us move to our new apartment in Valencia. the movers (two men & a truck) were scheduled to arrive at our previous residence at 8:00am. I am pleased to inform you that they arrived promptly at eight o’clock. Further more, the gentlemen were extremely professional, friendly, and fast. They handled all of our furniture with great care, especially the piano which was my main concern and they even delivered all of my fragile plants with personal care. Unfortunately, I do not have the business card with me that has the names of the two men that helped us, however it would be kind of you to please find out the names of the two that were assigned to our move and pass this information on to them. From the start, you were extremely helpful to me on the telephone and to the finish, they were extremely helpful with our move. It made everything so much easier and my husband and I were greatly relieved that we chose Northstar over any of the others. The professionalism and friendly customer service that we received from all of you was far more important to us than the rates, which were also great. Because of our gratitude in your company and its service, I am referring you to someone who is in need of a mover, and in the future, I will continue to refer your company as well as choose you again when it is time again for us to move. In all, I would like to express a big huge THANK YOU on behalf of my husband and myself. Please tell the two gentlemen that helped us how thankful we were to them. 

I wish you company the best in business. Thank you again. 


Heather Bailey

1997--July 15--Heather Bailey--local