Review by Jovan M.

This is a glowing review of NorthStar, but before I sing their praises, I must tell you about the ordeal I went through finding them. Several weeks ago I needed a moving company so I visited (big mistake)~ as immediately I was inundated with 20 or more movers who were all underbidding and slamming the competition. When I arranged for several of these movers to visit my home for a confirming price quote all of a sudden their bids doubled! A classic “bait and switch” tactic.

Finding NorthStar was a dream come true. Tori Fowler not only was patient in handling my inquiry, but she never once put down her competition; That in itself was a refreshing difference! I checked out NorthStar on this BBB site and also and it is important to note that they were the ONLY moving company with a perfect record. I thought to myself, this is too good to be true, but when Ran and his crew arrived to begin moving the furniture I knew our possessions were in good hands.

Ran and his crew were professional and packed everything carefully. Three days later our things arrived in perfect condition in Arizona. Save yourself alot of time and hassle, just choose NorthStar and your next move will be a dream come true!