Review by Marvin Friedman

Dear Ram, 

On July 2, your movers moved my belongings from Sherman Oaks to Balboa on one of the hottest days of the season. They were remarkably friendly, swift, cheerful, and hard working. 

My thanks to Eitan , Alan, and Simon.

This was my second move with Northstar, as I used your company in April to move my business from Van Nuys to Newport Beach (Chardonnay Corp.)

This former move utilized 4 men, 2 trucks, and a car carrier. The individuals involved, (sorry I don’t remember their names) were also very hard working and efficient.

Any future moves or referrals asked of me, will be directed to Northstar.

Thank you,
Marvin Friedman.  1996--July 10--Marvin Friedman--local