Review by North American Spares

This letter refers to the move which your company handled for me. 

As you know, most of us who value sentimental and irreplaceable belongings are extremely skeptical when it comes to trusting movers. Something always goes wrong. If something doesn’t break, then surely the charges will break. .. the bank! At least that has been my experience time and time again. It seems impossible to find reliable and honest movers.

Even when the NorthStar customer service agent took my order with efficiency, promising me that your company was better than the others, I still had my doubts. I knew that somehow, something would go wrong. The only thing that did go wrong, however, was my preconceived notion that NorthStar would turn out to be like all the others. In fact, NorthStar hugely exceeded my every expectation.

Here are just a few of the things that NorthStar did throughout the move which changed my perspective and created a lasting impression:

1. The NorthStar customer service representative was very accommodating to my schedule and extremely diligent about specifying all of the itemized charges to expect during the move.
2. The NorthStar moving crew showed up on time.
3. Packing and loading was done quickly and efficiently. Nothing at all was damaged or broken during the move.
4. All of my telephone calls to the NorthStar main office were handled very efficiently.
5. Two NorthStar managers called me at the end of the day to ensure that I was satisfied with my service. They were most empathetic to me as a customer and demonstrated a sincerity that truly surpassed my expectations.

I work at an aerospace company that exports aircraft parts to airlines with critical time requirements. As you can imagine, customer service is everything in my business. Yet as critical of customer service as I am trained to be, I cannot offer you any suggestions as to how you can improve your service. Everything was done to perfection and this is why I am writing you this letter.

Thank you for your excellence and for proving that there is at least one moving company that lives up to its promises. I will certainly refer you to anyone I know making a move. NorthStar truly won me over, and is the only company that I will even consider using for my future business and residential moves.

Sincerely yours,
Ian Hirsch
Vice President

2003--July 1--Ian Hirsch