Review by Rabbi & Mrs. Aryeh Striks

Dear Ram, 

One year ago, my family and I made the move from New York to Los Angeles. Thankfully, your crew here handled the move wonderfully. We had the opportunity to meet Eithan Aizenshtein, who not only took care of our job well, but was a pleasure to talk to. 

Last week, to my surprise, I met Eithan again when he arrived as the foreman in charge of the move for my mother, Miriam Nussbaum. I am so grateful to him, not just for handling the move efficiently, but also for making a pleasant day out of what could have been a very tense, frustrating day for my mother. By showing his honest concern to her, he did us all a tremendous favor.

For my mother, who is living here alone, this means a great deal. Thank you again and may it be the start of a happy and sweet year for us all. 

Debbie Striks 

1995--Rabbi & Mrs. Aryeh Striks--resedential