Review by Splash Bath & Body

First off, please accept our apologies in not writing this letter sooner. As we are sure, you know it takes awhile to get back on track after a major transition. 
In January of this year, we used your company for a second time to move us into a new facility and we are very pleased to say that, once again, the service was excellent! Based on our prior experience with the company we came directly to NorthStar this time instead of seeking out other moving companies to compare pricing and service. Gadi came out and gave us an estimate, and as always he was very pleasant and professional and when we had to push back our move date, he was extremely accommodating. 
Once we were finally ready to move, we were able to schedule a crew very quickly and our original estimate still stood. On moving day, the crew arrived promptly, was very efficient and thorough, and even helped us to take apart shelving and furniture. Our foreman, Shay was incredibly helpful and professional, consistently checking in with us to ensure things were running smoothly. The rest of the crew, Iro, Hain, Tomer, Gal, and Maor all worked diligently and carefully, moving so fast that we were packed and ready to go well within 2 hours! Upon arriving at our new facility, the crew again moved very quickly and cautiously so as not damage any furniture and to make certain everything was arranged as per our instruction. All of these gentlemen deserve reward and praise for their hard work. 
At the end of the day, the move had taken approximately 4-5 hours and our total amount came well below the estimate! Our encounters with NorthStar from the receptionist answering the phone, to Gadi, to Shay and his crew have been nothing short of wonderful and we would not only highly recommend Northstar to our friends and business associates fantastic service and your ongoing efforts to make one of the most hectic and stressful things in the world (moving) as easy and hassle free as possible. Thank you!

Jaime Street
Executive Administrator 
Splash Bath & Body, Inc.

Recommendation Letter from Splash Bath and Body