Review by Traci Teraoka

I wanted to send a note of thanks. I recently shipped a few items of great personal value from San Francisco to Austin, Tx. I have used the same moving company for over 10 years for local moves and felt this was a good time to branch out and seek a different company. When I used the internet I thought my choices seemed responsible and legitimate. After signing off on the move I later found out that many internet based movers are absolutely terrible crooks. Needless to say I became concerned that I had been scammed. 

Well, let me pass on that you are the real deal and a very good one at that. The help I received from Bell and Mike in the offices was timely and professional. The care and treatment of the furniture were excellently handled and protected. Your quotes were fair and reasonable and indeed you did get my furniture to the location in Texas within the time window you state on your contract. 

I received a call today from the receiver in Texas and we are both very happy with the results. I look forward to calling again for a future move and doing business with your company again. 

Traci Teraoka
Healing Environments

2006--December 12--Traci Teraoka--Local-2