Review by William and Arline Spindell

Dear Ram: 

Now that we are somewhat settled in since our February 10th move, we wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your constant assistance during a stressful time. 

Moving from one residence to another under normal circumstances can be difficult enough, but at least one usually moves everything completely from one spot to another. Here we were faced with the decisions of what to store, what to move-and to where…our temporary apartment, our vacation home-storage? On top of that were the residual possessions of adult children who didn’t quite take everything with them over the years. In the midst of this chaos your consistent reassurance and guidance were greatly appreciated. 

We especially wish to command your fine moving crew who managed the redistribution of the contents of a large home between a small apartment and two storage units and did so efficiently. You had indicated that this was to be a two day job, but I didn’t expect your crew would have to work so late into the evening to accomplish it. They did so while maintaining a good humored professionalism which currently helped ease some of the feeling of mass confusion. 

Thank you again for helping us through this.

Very truly yours,

Wm. and Arline Spindell 

1995--February 25--William A. Spindell --local