California Storage

NorthStar Moving Corporation has full-service facilities to meet your California storage needs. Our full-service storage starts in your own home. The NorthStar California storage Crew comes to you to pick up the belongings you want moved into our storage facilities in Los Angeles. The NorthStar Moving Crew will professionally prepare your items that need to be placed in our LA storage facility.

The NorthStar Moving California storage Crew will wrap and protect your furniture and make sure that your possessions are boxed securely. Every item will stay in the exact same protected package and each piece of furniture will stay wrapped in the exact same furniture blanket from the time it leaves your home; while being transported to our LA storage facilities; while it is in our storage facility in Los Angeles: whether it be for two weeks or two years; and then finally, when your belongings are returned safely and securely to you.

You’ll get an inventory of your belongings that are moved into our storage facilities, because the NorthStar Moving California storage Crew will make a written inventory of everything except the contents of the boxes: we will assign a number to the box itself but do not track the individual items inside the boxes. You’ll get a copy of this inventory and when you move out of storage you can be assured that all of your belongings have been returned to you. Every item you place in storage will have an inventory sticker secured to it. The stickers have two sets of numbers on them: a serial number will be written on your inventory list which references a specific item you are moving into storage and a number is assigned to only your set of belongings in our storage facility. NorthStar Moving will enter your assigned number into our computer system. This enables our Storage Department to control every item of your shipment and will minimize any chance of lost items.

Storage In Los Angeles

We’d love you to come visit our full-service storage facilities anytime. We know if you’ll come and see our facilities you’ll feel comfortable and assured that we are taking proper professional care of your belongings. To find the facility closest to you, call us at (800) ASK-PROS.