Moving From California

A long distance move is a move that is greater than 100-miles from the origin and/or the move crosses a state line. Two factors determine the major portion of the cost of your move. They are the distance you are moving and the weight of your shipment.

NorthStar Moving is able to provide low rates because we do something called consolidated shipping. Instead of sending a moving van across the country with only your shipment on board, we consolidate your shipment with other customers’ shipments. This method of shipping allows you to receive a greatly reduced rate when moving from California from a long distance away. NorthStar Moving is the Exclusive West Coast Authorized Agent for Moishe’s Moving Systems on the East Coast. Our relationship with Moishe’s allows us to provide top of the line service from coast to coast.

Moving From Los Angeles

We specialize in helping people who are moving from California or moving from LA as well as those moving from California to other parts of the country. From coast to coast, choosing NorthStar Moving means that you will get an honest, committed team working hard to ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Most of us probably don’t know the exact total weight of our belongings. In order to determine an approximate weight of your shipment, you can use the table below. When you fill out our online estimate form or call NorthStar Moving, we will give you our rates for various weights for budgeting purposes. However, like all other moving companies, we will be unable to determine the exact weight of your shipment until the actual day of the move. We welcome you to join us at a government regulated weigh station while we weigh the truck with and without your shipment fully loaded. The difference between those two weights is the weight of your shipment.