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For many people having to move is worse than facing a dentist’s drill. The closer you get to moving day, the more psychological and emotional stress take their toll on you – and rightfully so.

California Moving Company

NorthStar Moving is a California moving company committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. What sets us apart from the other moving companies in Los Angeles, and the other California moving companies in general are our policies of up-front pricing and customer education before, during and after the move.

California Storage

NorthStar Moving Corporation has full-service facilities to meet your California storage needs. Our full-service storage starts in your own home. The NorthStar California Storage Crew comes to you to pick up the belongings you want moved into our storage facilities in Los Angeles. The NorthStar Moving Crew will professionally prepare your items that need to be placed in our LA storage facility.

Movers In Los Angeles

A local move is a move that takes place within a 100-mile radius and stays within the state of origin. Many factors determine the cost of a local move. Luckily, many of those factors are within your control. For example, how ready are you when the movers arrive? Are all your belongings packed in boxes? Can the truck park close to your home? Any hard to move items? How much packing, unpacking and furniture placement would you like the movers to do for you?